How Blood Pressure Varies In Men And Women

By: Padmapreetham Mahalingam
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High blood pressure, also referred to as the silent killer, has no symptoms. What is blood pressure? When your heart tries to blow out blood through the blood vessels, the blood tries to thrust against the walls of your blood vessels and this is what creates blood pressure. In reality, your body needs blood pressure to move the blood throughout the body, which is a necessary requirement for the body to obtain oxygen. And healthy arteries stretch so as to let more blood to shove through them.

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For arteries to stay healthy, it is essential that your blood pressure stays within a healthy range. Yet there are a few things you need to follow when it comes to keeping your blood pressure in the normal range. For some people, their blood pressure can get too high and this could be the cause of concern. Besides, high blood pressure can also lead to health problems that need immediate medical supervision.

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High blood pressure also referred to as hypertension, is common in men and women. It is usually more frequent before the age of 50. In general, young men with high blood pressure have high diastolic pressure when compared to older men. Mostly older men have high systolic pressure.However, in reality there are some differences between men and women. So ,let’s find out how men and women differ in blood pressure and why women suffer from high BP more than men.


High Blood Pressure In Men

Before the age of 50, high blood pressure is more persistent in men than compared to women. Yet after the age of 55, high blood pressure is more persistent in women than men. Apart from the disparity between the ovarian and testicular hormonal setting, even sex chromosomes have a part to play in increasing the chances of hypertension.


Young Men Develop High Blood Pressure

Obesity or work stress is the reason for the elevation in blood pressure in men under age of 45. Food habits or over consumption of alcohol can cause high blood pressure. Part of the problem is due to increased body mass. Usually younger men with high blood pressure have metabolic syndrome and this is linked to the diseases of the heart and diabetes. However, women get to experience it only after they hit menopause.


Women And Menopause

Hypertension doesn't bother women until they get to menopause. Sometimes, there are also chances of blood pressure increasing after menopause. S,o what are the reasons for more women suffering from high BP than men? Some physicians believe that the hormonal changes of menopause play a part in high blood pressure.



Usually younger women in the early 20 or 40s may get protected from high BP and cardiovascular disease due to oestrogen (a female sex hormone).


Blood Pressure Varies

Several studies have shown that while comparing men and women at the age of 40, with comparable degrees of blood pressure, women have fewer risks than men. There can be a chance of damage to organs and blood vessels in women only when there is high blood pressure load. It is also ideally important to regularly go for blood pressure screening particularly if you are man in your 40s or if you are a postmenopausal woman. These are some of the possibilities of how men and women differ in blood pressure.


Men In Their 30s And 40'S

Young people assume that blood pressure only affects at the sunset years. However, even younger men in their 30s and 40's often suffer from the disease without realising it.

Till the age of 54, men are likely to undergo an increase in blood pressure than women.


Young Men Suffer From High Blood Pressure

Usually younger men with high blood pressure have metabolic syndrome and this is linked to diseases of the heart and diabetes. Nevertheless, that is not the case with women.


Men And Women

Like men, women also suffer from the increase of blood pressure due to physical inactivity or excessive alcohol consumption. Sometimes, a high salt diet can also be the reason for women to develop high BP. Besides, contraceptive pills can also put women's blood pressure at jeopardy. If a woman is on the pill, then she needs to do a regular blood pressure check up to know about her health.

This is one of the main reasons why women suffer high BP than men.


Marital Status

Usually the blood pressure level of the population is influenced by biological and socio-economic factors. Several studies reveal that mostly the influence on BP is by marital status (between men and women). Most married individuals have elevated blood pressure than those who are single.


Stress Levels

A new study proves that men whose wives are mostly stressed are likely to go through high systolic blood pressure. Interestingly, that is not the case with women for getting high blood pressure. Women's heart never gets affected due to the spouse's stress levels.

In a comparative study, it has been found that there is nearly 40 percent more incidence of vascular diseases in women than in men with the same levels of high BP. Besides, the significant physiologic difference in a woman's cardiovascular system, such as the levels of hormones, which influences blood pressure regulation, can also contribute to the frequency of heart disease.

While men have relatively high level of BP values except in the age group of 50-59 and 60-69, the incidence of BP and levels are slightly higher for females in the later years.

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