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Eat Dark Chocolate For A Healthy Heart

By: Sneha A
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A good news for all the chocoholics, for now they have a perfectly valid reason for eating that tantalizing piece of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has always been known for its extremely nutritious value which has shown various positive effects on the health of the one who consumes it. Now, to attain these benefits you have to make sure that you are consuming the dark chocolate and not the one which is all stalked with sugar.

8 Most Important Nutrients For Good Health

Dark chocolate is high in cocoa content and the soluble fibers. It is also quite rich in various minerals like magnesium, iron, copper, potassium, zinc and many more. Even when it comes to the fat content, the major portion is derrived from saturated and mono-saturated fats. However the problem arises with the amount of sugar involved, when the chocolate is consumed in a large amounts. Hence, the quantity should be moderate when taken daily.

How To Improve Your Blood

For maintaining a healthy mind and body, it has now been proven that chocolate plays a vital role and thus should be incorporated in the diet on a regular basis. It has shown to play an essential role in the well being of skin, brain and the heart. Various researches have shown that dark chocolate can work wonders for the heart. The following is a list of all nutritional benefits of dark chocolate for the heart.


Lower The Blood Pressure:

Dark chocolate has shown to lower the blood pressure of the body and also improve the blood flow. This happens due to the presence of flavanols in dark chocolate, stimulating the arteries for the production of Nitric Oxide. This gas relaxes the arteries which facilitates the blood flow ultimately reducing the high blood pressure. Dark chocolate is one of the best ways of naturally lowering the blood pressure and getting relief from hypertension.


Reduces Cholestrol:

Many studies have shown that dark chocolate reduces the level of oxidized LDL cholesterol in men and has also shown to increase the HDL. A high level of oxidized LDL could lead to the damage of various tissues of the body and as dark chocolate contains very many powerful antioxidants, it stops the LDL in doing so.


Insulin Level:

Dark chocolate also helps in reducing the resistance of the body to insulin which contributes in keeping the body protected from health conditions like diabetes which is very harmful for the proper functioning of the heart.


Reduces Heart Diseases:

As dark chocolate has been found to provide the body with protection from the oxidized LDL with the help of the anti-oxidants present in it. This results in the arteries being protected from blockage by the bad cholesterol which otherwise could result in severe heart problems. Some studies have demonstrated that consuming a moderate amount of chocolate for five times a week can reduce the risk for heart diseases to more than 50%.


Reduces Stroke:

Some of the new studies also indicate that eating chocolate apart from reducing the blood pressure may also bring an improvement in coronary artery diseases. These diseases can lead to the formation of clots of blood which may lead to stroke. It has been found that by incorporating some chocolate in diet, one can reduce the risk of suffering from stroke in future.


Reduces Stress:

Well, chocolate is known for its stress reducing properties. An increased level of endorphin and serotonin leads to elevating the mood of a person, also if taken two continuous weeks there may be a remarkable reduction in cortisol, the stress hormone. The lesser the stress, the healthier the heart.

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