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What You Need To Know About Chocolate Meditation
The purpose of mindfulness meditation is to bring one's complete attention to the present moment and dwell deeply into the present experience. One such form of mindfulness meditation is chocolate meditation. And if you are looking to seek a variety in ...
You Can Lose Weight By Eating Chocolate Cake!
Chocolate - A guilty pleasure for most of us! After all, there would be very less people on this planet who wouldn't like chocolate. Low blood pressure? Feeling unhappy? Stressed out? - Have a chocolate! It's a proven fact, based on ...
You Can Lose Weight Eating Chocolate Cake
7 Foods You Should Eat When You Are In A Bad Mood!
Mood swings are a b*tch to deal with! And most of the time they are caused by hormonal fluctuations over which you have no control (hint: PMS). So if you are tired of snapping at innocents and then melting into a ...
10 Myths And Truths About Chocolate You Should Know
Do you have a soft corner for chocolates? Do you love binging on chocolate every now and then? Chocolate has always been a favourite snack to munch on and it's equally loved by people of all ages. Chocolate is being experimented ...
Myths And Truths About Chocolate You Should Know
11 Foods Rich In Copper That You Need To Add In Your Diet
Are you aware that there is an essential mineral which is required for producing melanin, certain tissues and coding enzymes in the body? It's none other than 'Copper'! Yes, copper is a trace mineral which plays a key role in forming ...
Top 11 Indian Homemade Protein Shakes For Weight Loss
Are you simply tired of experimenting with the costly protein powder for weight loss? If yes, then you should know that protein powder is not the only option to lose weight. There are other good-quality protein foods that you can add ...
Top 11 Indian Homemade Protein Shakes For Weight Loss
List Of 11 Foods You Can't Eat With Braces
Getting braces for the first time can be painful and the pain persists for a couple of weeks. Although braces have become sturdier with the advent of modern technology, it is still important to be careful not to damage them. Certain ...
Easy And Effective DIY Chocolate Face Masks For Youthful Skin
Chocolate is a luxurious skin care ingredient that can transform the state of your skin. It is known to be replete with flavonols, powerful antioxidants that can combat free radicals and prevent them from causing damage to your skin. Free radicals ...
Easy And Effective Diy Chocolate Face Masks For Youthful Skin
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