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    8 Effects Of Microwave On Food


    We all use microwave to heat our food these days. It is an electronic appliance without which our kitchens are incomplete. In most homes, microwaves are more that just heaters. People actively use the microwave for cooking as well. Not only does it save time but it also makes cooking a smoke-free affair. Needless to say that microwaves are definitely one of those modern gadgets that we are totally dependent on.

    However, all the facts about microwave cooking may not be as rosy as its benefits. Microwave cooked food can cause a number of health hazards that we cannot even imagine. After all, it functions with the help of radiation. So the radiations or light used by the microwave may cause health problems for us.

    Microwave Food

    Also, the persistent heat inside the microwave has health implications for us. The food cooked in microwave has been found to be deficient in vital nutrients. Sufficient research has not been done on this subject but many experts feel that microwave cooked food may have carcinogens in them.

    So to ensure the safety of your food, you must know about all the health hazards associated with microwave cooked food.

    Carcinogens: It has been proven by various studies that radiations inside the microwave can can convert the organic chemicals inside the food into cancer causing compounds.

    Kills Antioxidants: According to a 2003 study by The Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, not only does microwave cooking create carcinogens in your food, it also 'zaps' the Cancer fighting antioxidants out of your food.

    Never Heat Baby's Milk: Microwave heating can destroy the basic immune building proteins in breast milk. That is why it is never advisable to heat baby's milk in the microwave.

    Thawing Foods: When you thaw frozen foods in the microwave, even an exposure for a minute is enough to create toxic free radicals in them.

    Denatures Proteins: A study conducted by an Australian scientific organisation showed that microwave cooking denatures the proteins in food sooner than normal cooking.

    Depletes Vital Nutrients: The vitamins and minerals present in food are very quickly depleted by microwave cooking. Several studies have proved that microwave heating destroys the nutritional benefits of food. For example, a 1999 Scandinavian study shows that the allicin (main nutrient in garlic) content in garlic was substantially depleted after 60 seconds of microwave heating.

    Plastic Degeneration: Plastics that are constantly used in the microwave undergo some degeneration. And if you use low quality plastics, they may melt due to the microwave heat and then are also highly carcinogenic.

    Microwave Radiations Affect The Heart: A study by Dr. Magda Havas of Trent University shows that the radiation from the microwave directly affects the heart. It can increase the heart rate instantly.

    Microwave Food Leads To Anaemia: A Swiss research by Dr. Hans Hertel shows that eating microwave cooked food for a long period of time could cause decrease in the amount of haemoglobin, thus increasing the chances of anaemia.

    So be an aware user and keep the hazards of microwave cooked food in mind before you use it.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, January 29, 2013, 11:52 [IST]
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