How To Cure Neck Sprain Quickly?

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Neck Sprain?
Neck sprain is not like a fracture or even a ligament strain in your foot. So most often we ignore it. Once I went to my friend 's house and his pet dog was crying. The dog continues to whine for a long time so I asked my friend why it was crying. He said that a screw was hurting him. I was surprised and retorted that why doesn't it get up. My friend answered jokingly, 'its not hurting bad enough!'

Don't laugh because that is exactly how we behave with regard to a neck sprain or any other muscle sprain. A pulled neck muscle hurts real bad and can get serious if you don't treat it; so there is no legitimate reason that you should live with it.

Common Causes:
There are many causes of having a pulled neck muscle..

  • Bad sleeping position is the main one. Most of us have scientifically improper sleeping postures due to which we pick up a rough strain at the back of our neck.
  • The wrong kind of pillow we use also contributes to our neck sprain. Some of us prefer to sleep on very soft pillows that don't lend enough support to our neck. While others rest their poor heads on very high pillows which is again bad for your neck muscles.
  • Picking up heavy things with a jerk will obvious injure your neck because it is disturbing your centre of gravity.
  • Even a casual awkward movement of the neck while sitting could cause a neck sprain. All it takes is slight click of bones and the muscles get knotted up.

Remedy For A Stiff Neck
So how to cure pulled neck muscle quickly? Considering we are all busy people these days we need our home remedies for pain to be fast and effective. But your sore neck muscles are not going to heal up with magic.

  • The best remedy for stiff neck is a good night's sleep in a ramrod straight posture. 70% of the time it will yield results and the next morning you will get up without that sharp tight pain behind your neck.
  • Some simple exercises like moving your head from this side to that will relax your tensed muscles.
  • You could also massage warm body oil around your neck and shoulder. It is very soothing even otherwise.
  • Soak a rag in piping hot water and then place it tightly over the painful region of your neck. It will really relax your muscles and also act on the pain.

Instant Pain Relief?

  • You could use instant pain relief balms or sprays but they will not solve your problem from the core. They will only numb your nerves to the pain.
  • Popping pain killers in an even worse idea.

In our hectic lives we are all tempted to look for the quickest solution to neck sprains but cut yourself some flak. You need to spare time for your body.

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Story first published: Wednesday, August 24, 2011, 13:23 [IST]
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