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    Food Combinations That Are Toxic

    Food Combinations Avoid

    Some food combinations can be potentially dangerous for your digestive system. Remember how your grandmothers always told you not to have sour foods after having milk? It is rule of nature that certain things do not go with others. If you have lemon with milk then it mixes in your stomach to form acid and therefore becomes toxic food. You have to follow certain basic food combining rules to be on the safe side of matters because some food combinations are really dangerous, even can be fatal.

    Here are some basic food combining rules that you must follow while you plan your meals.

    Food Combinations To Avoid

    1. Mint With Aerated Drinks: It is believed that peppermint must never be had along with aerated drinks because it leads to a fatal toxic food combination in the stomach. Cyanide can be formed by the combination of these two eatables if it is mixed in the right proportions. Now what the exact proportion is that is not known but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

    2. Milk With Citrus Fruits or Vegetables: Milk is on its own a difficult food product to digest. Some people also have lactose intolerance or lack of the enzyme to digest the lactose protein of milk. Now whats happens when you squeeze a lemon into milk, it coagulates due to acidity. The same thing happens inside the stomach and the acidity causes heat burns and gas.

    3. Starchy Food With Fruits: Why does mom tell you to have fruits at least half an hour after having a meal? It is because fruits are quick to get digested but starch which our meal invariably contains (rice, potatoes, etc) takes along tome to digest. So this food combination makes the fruits stay in the stomach for a long time and ferment.

    4. Proteins With Starch: Why is potato chips with fried chicken considered an unhealthy meal? Not only because it has trans fats but also because the digestive procedure for these two nutrients is different. Proteins are digested in the stomach whereas the digestion of starch takes place primarily in the small intestine. So as the proteins get digested they hold back the starch in the stomach making the food toxic.

    5. Sugar With Proteins: Are you one of those who round off your meal of chicken steak with a juicy dessert? Then you must be prone to gastric problems. Sugar acts on the protein digesting enzymes and makes their action sluggish which means food takes a long time to get digested and there are chances of indigestion taking place. Desserts should be postpones from the dinner table or you have to have desserts that use sugar supplements like honey. It actually much better to have sweets a couple of hours after a protein rich meal.

    Follow some good health tips and avoid these toxic food combinations.

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