Here Is Why You Must Never Store Eggs In The Refrigerators!

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As most of us may know by now, egg is an extremely nutritious food that comes with numerous health benefits and what more; many tasty dishes can be made out of eggs!

Since time immemorial, eggs obtained from hens have been widely used in preparing dishes that can be consumed by anyone, regardless of age and gender.

Never Store Eggs In The Refrigerators!

In many countries, apart from chicken eggs, eggs obtained from ducks, geese, turkeys, etc., are also used for edible purposes, on a regular basis.

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Eggs are one of the most commonly consumed foods for breakfast, around the world, as it contains rich proteins that can keep you energised throughout the day.

In addition, the proteins and other essential minerals present in eggs can also help build muscles, protect your bones, improve your mood, boost fertility, etc., making it a wholesome food.

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Did you know that storing eggs in a refrigerator can deplete their nutritious nature and can also make them toxic? Find out what exactly happens, here.

What Happens When You Refrigerate Eggs?

Usually, most of us have the habit of storing fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs and other cooked dishes in the fridge, so that they remain fresh for a longer time, right?

Never Store Eggs In The Refrigerators!

Well, according to a recent study, which was published in the Journal of Food Protection, it was stated that when eggs are stored under extremely low temperatures, their nutritional value can come down.

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Certain minerals and essential enzymes present in the eggs can lose their ability to benefit the human health when they are stored in refrigerators, as the cold temperature can kill the active enzymes.

In addition, the research study also stated that eggs that are stored in refrigerators are at a higher risk of being contaminated by bacteria known as salmonella.

Never Store Eggs In The Refrigerators!

Salmonella is a type of bacteria that can cause infectious diseases like stomach ailments, typhoid, etc.

So, it is always better to store eggs outside the refrigerator and use them quickly, so that they do not get spoiled.

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