Can You Eat Anything On Empty Stomach? No!

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Some of us start the day with lemon water and honey while some would like to start the day with ginger tea. Some people eat a raw garlic in the morning.

All of those practices are healthy but firstly, your current health condition must be suitable to cultivate any such habit. Your doctor needs to tell you whether you can follow such health tips.

Here are some foods which are good on empty stomach and which are not okay on empty stomach....


Fruit Juices?

If you have the habit of adding refined sugar to fruit juices, don't consume them on empty stomach in the morning. They may create spikes in the blood sugar levels.



Oat meal is very good choice for empty stomach. It contributes fibre, vitamins and minerals; it also protects your stomach from the action of acids.



If you are suffering from ulcer or acid reflux issues, avoid eating tomato on empty stomach. Tomatoes contain an acid that may cause pain in the stomach.



Eggs are good to be consumed first thing in the morning. You can eat a boiled egg, or eat an omelet or poach the egg; all of them are okay.



What about pastry? It is bad on empty stomach. It contains yeast which may upset the lining of your stomach.


Water Melon?

What about water melon? Well, it is an awesome choice as it offers lots of water in the morning along with nutrients like lycopene.



You know what? Though we tend to start the day with a coffee or a tea, both of them are actually bad on empty stomach. Coffee may worsen gastritis and acid reflux, whereas tea can even cause nausea.



Blueberries are good in the morning. Add them to your morning salad as they boost your metabolism, normalise blood pressure and offer nutrients.


Citrus Fruits

What about citrus fruits? Most people start their day with citrus juice. But actually, citric acid can irritate your stomach and esophagus.



What about soft drinks and aerated drinks? Drinking carbonated drinks on empty stomach is very bad for your stomach and overall health.

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