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Never Miss These 8 Key Nutrients

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Micro nutrients are vitamins and minerals. Macro nutrients are carbs, protein and fats. Your body needs macro nutrients in large quantities and micro nutrients in smaller quantities.

All health problems start with food. Food can make or break your health and that is why we must know about the key nutrients that maintain good health.

Here are eight key nutrients which should be included in your daily diet.

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Vitamin D

You need vitamin D for strong bones. This vitamin helps your body in absorbing Calcium. When your body lacks sufficient levels of vitamin D, your bones tend to become weak. You can get vitamin D from sunlight, milk, eggs, salmon and tuna.



Do you know why iron is among the key nutrients? Without iron, your body will find it tough to deliver oxygen to various tissues. You can get iron from spinach, lentils, oatmeal, fish, poultry and beans.

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Vitamin C

Do you know why you need vitamin C? It can boost your immunity, help you recover soon and also keeps you young by slowing down the aging process. Citrus fruits and leafy greens are good sources.



You need protein for the growth of cells, muscles and tissues. You need to get at least 25-25% of your calories from protein. Legumes, eggs, meat, nuts, fish and dairy provide protein.



Even fat is an essential macro-nutrient. Most of us try to avoid fat but it is good to get 20% of your overall calories from healthy fat.



Most of us derive our calories predominantly from carbs. They are important among the macro nutrients. We get carbs in three forms: sugars, fiber and starch.

Dietary fibre is good as it can help you feel full and prevent constipation and type 2 diabetes.


Vitamin B

You need vitamin B to break down the eaten food and get some energy out of it. Thiamin, folic acid, Niacin, riboflavin, biotin, vitamin B12, B6 and B5 are very important. Even your nervous system needs the help of this vitamin to transmit signals. Eggs, milk, liver, beans, lean meats and poultry contain this vitamin.

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Do you know that 60% of your body is nothing but water? Your body needs water for the transportation of nutrients, eliminating toxins and maintaining moisture levels in certain areas of your body like nose, ear, throat etc. So, drink enough water.

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