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Nutrient Deficiencies Most Of Us Suffer From

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How many nutrient deficiencies do you lack? According to a new study, urban people lack more than two to three nutrients in their body and this causes a number of health issues.

When the body lacks certain nutrients, we become anemic, dehydrated, it shows a difference on the skin in the form of white or brown patches, and in severe cases, it wrecks havoc on the organs leading to organ failure and this may finally lead to death too.

8 Most Important Nutrients For Good Health

Experts state that one should add certain foods to their daily diet so that the body receives the required nutrients from the food consumed and use them for better health purposes.

Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, iodine, iron and magnesium are some of the nutrient deficiencies most adults lack. Vitamin A and calcium are the two main elements that children lack. Making a meal from foods that have these nutrients will cause no further damage to the body. If you already lack any of these vitamins, it is best to consult a doctor as he would prescribe medications to boost the body's nutrient intake along with a required healthy nutrient chart to follow.

Nutrient Deficiencies That Vegans Face

So, take a look at the nutrient deficiencies and the reason why we lack them. Also, pay heed to the required nutritious foods you must consume to stay healthy.


Iron Deficiency

This is a common nutrient deficiency and the reason why 80 percent of the people lack this nutrient is because the intake of iron-rich food is less. Consume foods that will produce more red blood cells in the body. Iron foods like red meat, organ meat, beans and leafy green vegetables are ideally the best.


Vitamin D Deficiency

Lack of sunlight is one of the reasons why we lack this vitamin. However, adding vitamin D supplements to the diet will help solve this problem. Cod liver oil and egg yolk are the best vitamin D foods to consume.


Iodine Deficiency

Have you ever wondered why we lack nutrients like iodine? Well, if dairy foods are completely prevented, the presence of iodine will be less in the body. Iodine is required for proper thyroid functioning. So, add dairy products like milk, cheese, and paneer to the diet.


Vitamin B12 Deficiency

This common nutrient deficiency is caused when one avoids the consumption of foods like red meat, organ meat and dairy products. Vitamin B 12 is needed for blood formation as well as brain performance and nerve functioning.


Calcium Deficiency

Calcium is one of the important nutrients required for bone health. Without calcium, our heart, muscles and nerves will not be able to function properly. It is important for one to consume fish with bones, dairy products and leafy green vegetables.


Vitamin A Deficiency

Vitamin A is also among the common nutrient deficiencies. To build up vitamin A in the body, it is required to add sweet potatoes, carrots and fish liver oil to the diet.


Magnesium Deficiency

Why do we lack nutrients like magnesium? Experts state that one lacks this element because they don't include nuts, dark chocolate, whole grains and leafy vegetables in their diet. Magnesium is the key nutrient to help the body function well.

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