How To Improve Liver Function

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If you know how to keep your liver healthy, you will be able to prevent more than a hundred diseases. Your liver is a multitasking organ and if it fails, many bodily functions fail.

In fact, even symptoms like constipation, bloating, fatigue, lack of focus and hormonal issues could also be a signal that you need a liver cleanse.

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When your liver function is enhanced, your energy levels get a boost, your skin will be clear, digestion will be better, moods will be positive, oral health gets better, immunity gets a boost and even menstrual cycles tend to be regular.

Now, let us discuss what the liver does and what nutrients it requires to perform well.


Fact #1

Your liver weighs around a kilo. It is situated towards the right, below your ribs. It produces bile and stores in the gallbladder. Bile is important to digest fats.


Fact #2

The liver also plays a vital role in the metabolism by converting ammonia into urea.

Ammonia is toxic. If it accumulates beyond a level, it is harmful to the body. So, your liver uses certain enzymes to convert ammonia to urea.

The liver also works together with other parts of the digestive system. It constantly looks at the nutrients present in the system and also the presence of toxic substances like heavy metals or medications.

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Fact #3

Once the liver finds any toxic substance, it works on it to convert it into a safer material and releases it. So, your liver plays a crucial role in dealing with the toxins of your system.

Liver also plays a role in regulating blood supply. It breaks down old and damaged red blood cells and helps the body eliminate them.


Fact #4

The liver also stores glucose, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, copper, iron and even Vitamin K.

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Fact #5

When the liver finds toxic substances (drugs/alcohol), it tries to eliminate them before any damage is done.


Fact #6

Some amount of glucose is stored in the liver. It acts like a buffer. When the blood sugar liver levels dip, the liver releases some glucose to keep the blood sugar levels stable.


Fact #7

The seeds of Milk thistle contain silymarin.
It is a substance used to heal liver and gallbladder issues. Milk thistle tea can improve liver function.

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Fact #8

The latest studies claim that Vitamin E can help in treating fatty liver. Spinach, kale, almonds and avocados are some foods that contain Vitamin E. This vitamin is said to boost liver function.


Fact #9

Vitamin C is said to help in the detoxification of the liver. Oranges, kale, red pepper and broccoli are some good sources of this vitamin.


Fact #10

The deficiency of zinc could be bad for your liver. Chickpeas, pumpkin seeds and cashews contain zinc.

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Fact #11

If you have liver issues, you may also suffer from the deficiency of B complex vitamins.

Get enough vitamins from plant based foods and avoid alcohol to keep your liver going good.

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