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Home Remedies To Treat An Enlarged Liver

By: Shubham Ghosh

A lot among us have an 'enlarged' liver, which means their vital organ is swollen beyond the normal size. Hepatitis can also cause an enlarged liver. Treating an enlarged liver is very important, since the liver is a very important organ for our overall health.

Besides flushing out the toxins from the body, the liver also produces bile that helps in processing the food we eat.

It also stores sugar called glucose that gives us the required energy. But, before treating an enlarged liver, it is very important to understand what exactly causes it and what are its symptoms, so that a long-term damage can be avoided.

home remedies for enlarged liver

Symptoms Of An Enlarged Liver:

Generally, one doesn't notice any symptom because of an enlarged liver. However, when it gets swollen, the following symptoms become common:

• Yellow eyes
• Uncomfortable feeling in the stomach
• Nausea
• Fatigue
• Weight loss

home remedies for enlarged liver

Diagnosing An Enlarged Liver:

The doctor performs various physical examinations to see if the liver is larger or not. Blood tests are carried out to understand what the exact cause of the problem is. CT scan, MRI and ultrasound images also help in finding the cause of an enlarged liver.

Causes Of An Enlarged Liver:

There can be various reasons for an enlarged liver. Here are some:

1. Inflammation: This can be caused by consumption of unhealthy food, causing metabolic syndrome that includes risks that can cause heart diseases, high blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, etc.

home remedies for enlarged liver

Obesity, consumption of alcohol, certain medications, hepatitis virus, toxins in the body and autoimmune diseases can be among other causes.

2. Abnormal Growth: Abnormal growth like cysts (tumours that start in the liver or spread to it) can be a reason for an enlarged liver.

home remedies for enlarged liver

3. Disruption In Blood Flow: Heart problem, whereby it fails to pump blood well can be another reason. Blockage of the veins in the liver (hepatic vein thrombosis) can also lead to an enlarged liver.

Simple Home Remedies For An Enlarged Liver:

If you are having an enlarged liver, try these 6 simple home remedies to deal with the problem better:
• Avoid alcohol
• Avoid caffeine, fried and spicy foods, and salt

home remedies for enlarged liver

• Take small meals, but include more fruits and vegetables in your diet, as they include the necessary vitamins to boost the overall health
• Drink plenty of water, as it flushes out the toxins from the body

home remedies for enlarged liver

• Do regular exercises to get rid of the excessive fat deposits in the body
• Consume bitter gourd, aloe vera, papaya, orange and amla for benefits

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 30, 2016, 17:30 [IST]
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