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Why You Should Consume Proteins

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The word protein in itself or a protein shake reminds us of a fitness freak who consumes a lot of protein on a daily basis to stay healthy and fit.

People generally argue about fats and carbs and make us realise the importance of consuming protein. Consuming protein is really important, as the deficiency of it causes many health problems.

Powders, bars and various kinds of protein supplements have become a common scenario these days and consuming these supplements from time to time helps us to stay super charged for the day long activities.

We tend to feel tired soon with the increased consumption of carbs and fats. It builds up fat cells in the body to due to the sedentary way of living. Hence, in such a situation, proteins come to the rescue in giving the body that much required energy.

Numerous studies have shown that consuming a large amount of protein diet helps to reduce body weight and also increases your metabolic rate. So, make sure you include foods that are rich in proteins.

Find out about the real reasons as to why we should consume proteins on an everyday basis, and what happens when we do not have a good amount of protein in our body.


Proteins Reduce Hunger

Studies reveal that protein is by far the most filling type of a nutrient when it comes to eating healthy foods. It helps you to consume less food, yet keeps you feeling full.


Increases Muscle Mass

Consuming a good amount of proteins helps to strengthen the body and increase on the muscle mass. If you are into exercises, then make sure you consume a little extra amount of proteins, as it helps to maintain a balance in the body.


Good For Bones

Protein increases the "acid load" in the body, which helps to strengthen the bones. Animal protein has major benefits for the bones. It also helps to lower the risk of osteoporosis and fractures.


Stops Late-Night Cravings

Eating more proteins has shown to reduce the late-night craving and desire for late-night snacking. Having a high-protein breakfast meal also helps to reduce the late-night craving when compared to having a breakfast that is not rich in proteins.


Increases Metabolism

Proteins have a higher thermic effect when compared to fats and carbs. This helps to significantly increase the metabolic rate and the amount of calories that you burn. Thus, making it very important to consume proteins than other foods more often.


Lowers Blood Pressure

Higher protein intake can lower the blood pressure drastically. It also helps to reduce LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body, which keep your heart healthy as well.


Helps In Losing Weight

Protein is the king of nutrients when it comes to losing weight and shedding those extra pounds. Generally, it is noted that people who increase on the intake of proteins shed a little extra weight when compared to people who go on a specific diet to do so.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 31, 2016, 18:52 [IST]
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