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7 Signs It's Better To Throw The Food

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Some of us tend to eat fresh food all the time. But it may not be possible all the time. In fact, there are refrigerators to serve that purpose. As it isn't possible to spend lot of time every day to cook food 3-4 times, you can store it in the fridge.

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You can cook once, store it in the fridge and eat it whenever you want. But the problem is: all stored foods may gradually turn into breeding grounds for micro organisms. Bacteria, fungi, yeast and mold may cause several health issues.

Of course, a fridge can prevent the bacterial and fungal growth- that's what we think but in fact, a fridge can only slow down the process of food decomposition.

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Milk, cheese, bread, fruits or vegetables, every food will have to get spoilt one day or the other. But sometimes, when the mold growth isn't so evident, we tend to eat the foods. But let us discuss when it is better to throw away those foods.



When you see mold on certain areas of bread, you may feel like cutting those areas and eating the rest of it. But it is safer to throw away the whole slice or loaf if you see mold or fungus on parts. In fact, if there is a small area of mold growth on the external surface, it could mean that internally lots of microorganisms are breeding.


Wet Food

Sometimes, when you carelessly pack your lunch box, the locked up steam and moisture in the box could make the food smell bad when you open the box during lunch time. It is better not to eat it.



Some people love to store leftovers in the fridge for days together and eat them. It isn't really a healthy practice as not all foods can resist bacteria and mold growth.



The same thing applies to cheese. When there is mold growth, it is better to throw it away. Also, don't store cheese for too long in the fridge. We tend to think that stuff in the fridge never gets spoilt, but its wrong.



If the eggs that you bought come with a date, then use them before 4 weeks. Otherwise, you can test an egg by placing it in a mug of water. If it floats, it is spoilt; throw it away.


Fish And Meat

When it comes to meat and fish, if they have foul smell, just throw them away without thinking twice. Of course, meat and fish do come with smell but if you feel that the smell is a bit weird, don't cook them.


Packed Foods

Any food that you order from a hotel tends to start smelling bad after a few hours. Throw it away instead of eating it.

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