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7 Simple Ways To Preparing Detox Water

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Some people do have the habit of sipping some liquid frequently throughout the day. If it is a coffee or a sugary drink that you are sipping, then you are slowly digging your grave.

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But leaving that habit overnight seems to be an impossible task. There is something else that you can do. You can use the habit to your advantage just by changing what you sip throughout the day.

Imagine a healthy liquid that you can sip. If such a liquid is tasty to your tongue and healthy to your body, wouldn't you embrace it?

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Well, here are some examples of such drinks.


Apple Slices + Cinnamon Stick + Ice Water

Cut an apple into small slices and place it in a jug. Add some cold water or ice cubes to it and place a cinnamon stick in the jug. After an hour, the liquid to sip gets ready.


Water Melon + Mint Leaves + Ice Water

Cut a water melon into small pieces. Add a few of them to a jug and add some mint leaves to it. Then add ice cold water. After an hour, you can start sipping the liquid throughout the day whenever your cravings hit you.


Orange + Blueberries + Ice Water

Take a small cup of blueberries and a few slices of orange. Add all of them to a jug of ice cubes and sip the water whenever you feel like during the day.


Lemon + Cucumber + Mint Leaves + Ice Water

Take 10-12 cucumber slices and 3 lemon slices. Add them to a jug of ice cubes. Don't forget to add some mint leaves. Your sipping drink is ready.


Lemon + Green Tea Bag + Mint Leaves

In a cup of cold water, add a lemon tea bag. Place some mint leaves and 3 slices of lemon in it. Remove tea bag and sip the water.


Lemon + Ice Water

Another simple way to call your drink detox water is by adding a few slices of lemon to your water bottle. Sip it while you work on your cubicle.


Cucumber + Ice Water

If you hate complex procedures, simply add a few slices of cucumber to a bottle of water and carry it with you. It acts like detox water.

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