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Okay, Is Paneer Good Or Bad?

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Indians love paneer. And yes, vegetarians love it more. Some of us love to eat paneer every day. But, is paneer healthy or not? What is the right time to eat paneer? What is paneer made of? Well, paneer is made of milk. It is a dairy product. So, those of you who are lactose intolerant may need to stay away from it.

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First, milk is boiled and then lemon juice is added to it. Then the water content in it is removed and the remaining content which remains solid is used to make paneer.

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But actually, the removed liquid contains whey protein and therefore, it can also be consumed. But some people throw the water away.

Now, let us discuss whether paneer is healthy or not.


Fact #1

Paneer contains protein, fat and carbohydrates. The content of carbs is very low but both proteins and fat contents are almost equal and high.


Fact #2

So paneer is rich in both proteins and fat. That is the reason why it cannot be considered either as a protein-rich food or a fatty food (as it contains both of them in equal proportions).


Fact #3

Generally, other protein sources like egg whites or chicken breasts contain predominantly protein and therefore, they are considered as protein sources.


Fact #4

Is paneer healthy or no? Well, it can be healthy only if you consume it in the right way. You need to know how much to consume and when to consume.


Fact #5

The only problem here is that the fat content present in paneer is saturated fat and therefore is unhealthy. So, over consumption could be unhealthy. But eating it in moderation may not hurt.


Fact #6

When not to eat paneer? Well, never consume it before or after an intense workout as your body needs an easily digestible protein source during those times.


Fact #7

Fat generally slows down your absorption rate. So, your digestion becomes slower when you consume paneer after a workout.


Fact #8

So, when to eat paneer? A couple of hours after exercise is the right time. You can have paneer for dinner. One hour before dinner, eating a paneer dish could help as it slows down your digestive system.


Fact #9

As your body tends to repair and grow during sleep, eating paneer at night is the best thing to do. So, remember the fact that paneer is good only when consumed in moderation that too, at night.

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Story first published: Wednesday, August 31, 2016, 8:15 [IST]
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