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How Too Much Eating Is Linked To Depression

By: Sneha A

It is a well-known fact that your emotional state can affect your eating habits too, but do you know that at times, your eating patterns can affect your mental well-being and can even lead you to a state of depression?

If your answer is no, then you need to know more about what too much eating can do to not only your body but also to your mind.

Most Common Eating Disorders In Teenagers

One may begin to overeat, so as to deal with some emotional turbulence. It is here that the eating disorders begin and with it comes the guilt.

Often, there are so many ingredients in the foods we eat that excess of these are bound to cause some sort of an illness. They may cause certain adverse effects on us when consumed in an excess amount.

Eating Late At Night Can Lead To THIS Disorder

Numerous studies have shown the relationship between foods and moods, stating that at times eating too much even of those things that you love to feed on can drag you down to be depressed.

Here is a list of reasons stating why and how eating too much can cause depression, have a look.


1. Comfort Foods Can Cause Weight Gain:

The comfort foods like ice creams, cakes, etc, that we eat so as to let go of the feeling of sadness in the long run can cause us to gain weight, increase the risks of cardiovascular problems, diabetes and other health-related issues. With such physical ailments how can we be feeling good? If you do not nourish your body, your mind will be weakened too and depression, irritability or other mental illness would obviously be inevitable.


2. Sweet Foods Can Make Us Feel Depressed Later:

Most of the foods that we eat specially when we feel low are usually sweet-based ones that have a lot of refined sugar content in them. It does give us an instant rush of energy and boosts up our moods, but only for a small duration of time and after some time it leaves the person feeling more exhausted and depressed than ever before.


3. Articial Sweeteners Are A Strict No:

Now, if there are artificial sweeteners then too the problem persists. In fact, these artificial sweeteners disrupt the production of serotonin and lead to more problems like insomnia, headaches and, of course, depression.


4. Caffeinated Beverages Can Lead To Sleeplessness:

People who tend to consume a lot of coffee, so as to deal with stress should know that caffeine does not allow you to have a good quality of sleep and you know what not being able to fall asleep can do to your emotional status, right?


5. Junk/Fried Foods Cause Anxiety:

Some more things that people often love to eat and that too in large quantities are junk and fried foods. We know all this is not good for our waistlines, but there is something more to be worried about. The trans-fats that are found in abundant quantities in these high-calorie foods also cause problems like anxiety and depression.


6. Carbs Could Increase Risk Of Depression:

Carbohydrates are already known to be lacking the essential nutrients that a human body requires, and a recent study has concluded that as carbohydrates result in the elevation of blood sugar levels, the risk of depression also rises.


7. High Sodium Foods Can Also Cause Discomforts:

Foods that are high in sodium also negatively affect the neurological system and the immune system. Thus, physical, mental and emotional discomforts will definitely be experienced by the person.


8. Processed Foods Also Cause A Spike In Depression:

Eating too much of processed foods also spikes the blood sugar levels and, hence, it leaves the person to suffer from depression, exhaustion and aggravation in the longer run.

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Story first published: Sunday, May 8, 2016, 13:30 [IST]
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