How To Remove Pesticides From Your Vegetables

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All of us wash the fruits or vegetables that we buy from the store. Why do we do that? Well, in order to remove the dust, bacteria and even pesticides that are sprayed on them.

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Most of the vegetables do contain the residue of chemicals on them. They might harm your health in many ways in the long run. Washing them thoroughly and cutting areas which have mold can prevent your risk of suffering certain food-borne diseases.

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Of course, if you can afford to buy organic vegetables or fruits, you may have less to worry. But if you have no such options around, how to remove pesticides from your vegetables?

Follow this method:

What you'll need: Water, lemon juice, soda and apple cider vinegar.
What to do: Simply mix some lemon juice, vinegar and some soda in a bowl of water. Carefully sprinkle this liquid on the veggies or fruits you wish to wash. After 5-7 minutes wash them in water.

Now, let us know more about washing vegetables.


Fact #1

When you see mold on any vegetable, the best thing to do is to throw it away instead of trying to cut the portion where mold is. Avoid using vegetables that gather mold.


Fact #2

If you are on a raw diet, it is important to consult a dietitian. Some raw foods are not totally clean even after you wash them. They still carry bacteria and may affect your health. Cooking can solve the problem but if you are into eating only salads, then talk to your dietitian about the right way to treat raw vegetables.


Fact #3

Though there are certain products available to wash vegetables, you don't need to buy them. Studies claim that water is enough to clean more than 90% of the bacteria.


Fact #4

If you are going to peel the skin anyway, you might think you don't need to wash the vegetable. But health experts recommend washing the vegetable first and then peeling it to avoid spreading the bacteria on the peel to the insides.


Fact #5

Some people seldom wash home grown vegetable thoroughly. Health experts recommend washing all items because apart from pesticides, even bacteria is also a reason to wash food items.


Fact #6

Some people wash all the fruits and veggies as soon as they come home from the store. But this doesn't help as you need to wash them just before using them. All food items will gather bacteria when they are in the shelf.


Fact #7

Most of us take organic products for granted but it is important to wash even organic vegetables before using. This is because they too may gather bacteria while they wait for you in the vegetable store.

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