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The Truth About Good Foods And Bad Foods

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We categorise foods and label them as good and bad. Some of the time, we are right and maybe sometimes we're wrong. At least that is what some health experts say.

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What if most of our opinions about food, diets and workouts are wrong? Well, new studies are gradually proving that some of the truths that we believed in were myths.

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For example, some researchers claim that dietary fat isn't the only reason for obesity or heart disease. Whether we totally embrace this fact or wait till further studies throw light on the actuality, let us take a look at some other such facts that may surprise us and demolish our theories about good foods and bad foods.


What Carbs Do

Three facts to know: Carbs may make you feel hungry often, they slow down metabolism and finally promote fat gains.


Carbs And Insulin

Carbohydrates may also spike insulin levels. Unless you consume them less, staying slim can be difficult.


How Insulin Levels Cause Obesity

Obesity and insulin are linked. Studies suggest that spiked insulin levels promote fat accumulation. When your insulin levels are low, your accumulated fat tends to get burnt.


Fat Metabolism

Obesity is actually an imbalance more than anything else. Fat metabolism in your body may go for a toss when such imbalances occur.


The Real Meaning Of Obesity

Obesity must be seen more as accumulation of fat. But most of us perceive obesity as overeating or physical inactivity.

There are people who overeat without suffering from obesity and there are people who are physically inactive without getting fat. So, the issue is more about fat accumulation.


Fat Loss Solutions

Eating more isn't the only cause of obesity and working out isn't the only solution to control fat gains. It is possible only by knowing what's happening with your body, food, lifestyle and metabolism.


Refined Carbs

As refined carbs, sugars and starch directly affect your insulin levels they can be seen as the causes of health issues like diabetes and heart issues.


Dietary Fat

Though we blame dietary fat for obesity, researchers say that refined carbs need to be blamed as they directly change the insulin profile and promote fat storage.

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