How To Get Bigger Muscles

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Every man loves to sport big beautiful muscles. But big muscles can't be achieved overnight. Your muscles are made of intense workouts healthy food, rest and recovery.

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Unless you increase the intensity of your workouts and work hard by choosing the right strategy, getting big isn't possible.
Bigger muscles demand heavier weights, a variety of workouts, healthy food, enough rest and of course, commitment.

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And then at the end of the day, we are all different. How big you grow is also decided by your genetics and metabolism. So, don't be disappointed if you are genetically gifted because you will still look good if you workout intensely.


Eat Like A Monster

Your muscles are made of food. More growth needs more calories. Increase your portion size but get all your calories from healthy sources. Without eating big, you cannot grow big. But increase your calories depending upon the intensity of your workouts; otherwise, you may gain unwanted fat.


Power Your Muscles With Protein

As your muscles are made of protein, get your protein from natural sources like eggs, chicken and lentils. The building process as well as the recovery process of muscles needs protein.


Don't Ignore Carbs

Though carbs have a bad reputation, you still need them to grow bigger. Unless you are looking to lose weight, don't reduce your carb consumption.


Make Friends With Dumbells

Though most of the machines in your gym help you grow bigger muscles, many studies say that free hand dumbells engage more muscles. Therefore, use them as much as possible.


Strengthen Your Back

Without a strong back and core, you can't lift heavy without injuring yourself. Therefore, first focus on strengthening your core and back before attempting to lift heavy.


What's HGH?

HGH is human growth hormone which plays an important role in your growth. Sleep well as this hormone is released during sleep.


Get Into Volume Training

Focus on both whole body workouts as well as workouts that address individual body parts like biceps and triceps. Engage every body part with heavy weights and low repetitions.


Lift Heavy

Unless you lift heavy weights, your testosterone levels don't shoot up. Lift heavy but ensure that your trainer is around to avoid injury.


Know When To Slow Down

On some days, you lift heavy and on some days, you may need to lift light or try some low impact workout. If you don't balance like that your muscles may not recover from soreness.


Maintain Variety

If you don't offer a variety of workouts, your muscles won't grow as they get comfortable with your routine. So, try different types of workouts by consulting your trainer.


Never Ignore Squats

In fact, deadlifts and squats are a must to grow faster. These are very important workouts that address and engage your whole body and make you grow bigger.


Feel Competitive

The problem with training alone is that you will not have competition or inspiration. Find a workout buddy if possible to feel the challenge that rivalry brings.


Get The Form Right

Without proper form, your workouts may go wrong. Under the supervision of your trainer, achieve the right form while lifting heavy.


Rest Days

Don't work out more than 4 days a week and ensure that you take rest every alternate day. Without rest, recovery is impossible and without recovery, growth isn't possible.


Never Let Stress Overwhelm You

Stress hormones may inhibit your muscle growth. Find ways to beat stress and start chilling out.


Sometimes, Train Till Failure

If your energy levels permit, try to train till you are totally out. But do it very rarely as it isn't advisable to stretch your limits every day. But doing so occasionally will challenge your system.

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Story first published: Monday, February 8, 2016, 9:57 [IST]
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