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Facts About Nutrition Indians Must Know

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All of our dishes are very tasty and that is why we can never give them up. Rice and wheat are our staple foods and we can't do without them. Of course, we got used to eating them since centuries.

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But a recent study claims that grains and starch can spike the insulin levels in a dangerous way and this may make the body store lots of fat.

But the first argument that comes to your mind is: why were our grand parents healthy when they too consumed grains? Well, their physical activity levels in those days were quite different from that of our generation.

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They worked in fields whereas we work in cubicles. They never ate processed foods while we literally live on them; they were not exposed to pollution whereas we live and breathe pollution in all forms. So, let us discuss more about certain facts that we all must know.


Do We Really Need Grains?

Most of us totally depend on rice and roti but health experts are saying that rice can make us diabetic. Starch can increase the risk of diabetes when consumed in excess.


Are All Fries Bad?

We think that all fried foods are bad and all baked ones are good. But a fried samosa could cause unwanted weight gains compared to a fried fish. The reason: it contains starch and carbs.


Vegetarian Diet Is Healthy But....

Though going green is good, you may not be able to get enough protein through a vegetarian diet. You might need to eat an egg to get enough protein.


Do Fatty Foods Kill Us?

We treat fatty foods like butter and cheese as enemies but eating a small piece of paneer occasionally is not as dangerous as eating a big bowl of rice every day.


Are Fruits Really Good?

Just because fruits are natural foods, it doesn't mean they are totally healthy. If you consume fruits in large quantities, you might need to deal with all the sugar content in them. Prefer avocados and berries as snacks.


Do Workouts Guarantee Fat Loss?

Those who workout intensely may think that they can digest anything without gaining fat but over a period of time, they may accumulate fat.


Why Even Women Must Lift Weights

By strengthening bones from a young age, women can be able to prevent osteoporosis. But some women think that working out makes them look manly. This is far from truth.

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