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Avoid Eating Pani Puri When It Rains

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Rainy season is surely a test for your immunity and the worst thing is the fact that certain diseases spread fast during the monsoons.It is better to curb your cravings for pani puri especially when it rains heavily. In fact, it is healthy to avoid eating any kind of street food during rains.

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Firstly, street foods lack hygienic preparation. Also, if there are open drains around the food stalls, it could be dangerous. Also, if the food isn't covered from the rain, flies and dust, it could make things worse.

When it comes to pani puri, if the water is contaminated, you might suffer diarrhea. And then some vendors use newspapers to pack the food. The dust on the papers would contaminate your food more.

Also, the containers of salt, pepper, sauces or chutneys are filled with dust and dirt in most of the roadside eateries. During rainy season, all such factors could contribute to certain diseases.

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Now, let us discuss about other foods to avoid in rainy season apart from pani puri.


Certain Oils

Certain oils like mustard oil could make your body vulnerable during rainy season. Use olive oil instead.



Both chat and pani puri during rainy season could impact your digestive system and could cause diarrhea.


Soft Drinks

Some of the fizzy drinks could deprive your body of minerals. Drink hot ginger tea or lemon juice instead of cold drinks.


Leafy Vegetables

They are healthy but the problem is they aren't stored well by the vendors and certain micro organisms and insects breed on them if they aren't washed thoroughly before consumption, you may catch an infection.


Roadside Juices

If you wish to have a juice, prepare it at home. Roadside juices during rainy season could cause jaundice, diarrhea or other bacterial infections, due to the ice that is used or the flies that play around in the juice stall.



Seafood may cause food poisoning or stomach infections during monsoon season.


Red Meat

The problem with red meat is that it is a burden to your digestive system during rainy season. Avoid it if possible.



During rainy season your digestive system goes slow. So, you may feel bloated when you eat fries.


White Rice

White rice could lower your immunity, cause water retention and could also weaken your digestive system.Try to reduce your consumption during rains.

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Story first published: Thursday, May 19, 2016, 14:01 [IST]
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