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Simple Remedies For 7 Health Problems

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During seasonal changes, some of us may experience minor health issues. This may also happen due to change of a place. When you go to a new place, the food, water and the air may trouble you a bit in the starting stages.

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Also, when you lack enough sleep, your immunity may dip a bit and that is also a time when you suffer fever or cold. Generally, we tend to pop in a pill to get rid of such minor health issues. But a better way is to use simple home remedies.

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If you are thinking that home remedies take long and over-the-counter pills are instant solutions, then you are mistaken. Here are the simplest home remedies for minor health issues.


Remedy #1

Help yourself with a cup of chamomile tea if you are suffering from insomnia. It soothes your system and helps you relax.


Remedy #2

If your metabolism is slow, you can speed it up by regularly consuming green tea. If reports are to be believed, it can speed up your metabolism by 10%.


Remedy #3

If you are suffering form sore throat, drink a cup of lemon tea with honey. You will find relief.


Remedy #4

Nausea and other digestive issues can be tackled with the help of ginger tea.


Remedy #5

If work stress is your problem, drink lemon tea. You will feel refreshed.


Remedy #6

If headache is the problem then cinnamon tea could help you get rid of it without the help of an aspirin.


Remedy #7

A bloated stomach is surely an inconvenience. Try peppermint tea.

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