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What Happens To You When You Walk?

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Just find an excuse to walk. It is worth it. You need not make big plans and miss out on all of them for the sake of fitness and health. Just take a walk. Its enough.

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You don't need to go to a gym or buy any equipment. You don't need to worry even if you go to any other city. Walking can be done anywhere.

If you cant walk for one hour, walk only for 10 minutes. If you can't walk every day, walk at least every alternate day. Walking is still going to be beneficial for your health and it is the most natural exercise human beings have ever performed.

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Yes, we all walk and need to walk to keep ourselves healthy and fit. Have you ever wondered what happens to your mind and body when you walk? Read on...



After a 10 minute walk, endorphins are released. You'll feel good. Anger, stress, tension and even fatigue can be released.


Minimises Your Chances Of Falling Sick

A study claims that people who go for a walk regularly can reduce their risk of falling sick by nearly 50%.


Good For Your Arms & Shoulders

When you do brisk walking moving your arms, even your shoulders and arms get benefited by your walk.


Prevents Osteoporosis

Regular walking can also build up your bone mass and this may prevent osteoporosis.


Strengthens Your Legs

Yes, walking is good for your hamstrings, hip flexors and quadriceps too.


Prevents Alzeimer's

A study claims that regular walking can minimise the risk of Alzeimer's by nearly 50%.


Protects Your Heart

As walking develops blood circulation and increases your heart rate, it is a heart healthy activity.

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Story first published: Tuesday, May 17, 2016, 12:50 [IST]
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