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How To Avoid Neck And Back Pain

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You carry your mobile wherever you go and the moment you have some time, you start texting or surfing the web using that small gadget. Your neck has to bend and your fingers need to work hard to help you hold the gadget and type.

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Just imagine the stress your body experiences during such actions. And in your office, you might need to sit in front of the computer bending a little to be able to see the monitor clearly. You continue that for 8 hours of the day.

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Gradually, your body hates you for making it undergo all the pain and stress and it starts revolting. That is exactly what a neck pin or a back pain is. This is true especially when your pain is due to your lifestyle habits.


Identify The Reason

Every pain has a reason behind it. And most of the time, that could be a lifestyle reason. If you experience neck pain or back pain, find out the reason why. Consult a doctor if necessary. If it is due to your lifestyle then you can take certain measures to prevent it from occurring again.


Limit Your Gadget Usage

Laptops, mobiles and tablets are the major reasons for neck pain or back pain in today's world. See if you can limit the usage.



Regular exercise could strengthen your bones and joints and may help you cope up with the pressure that is exerted on the joints due to your daily life actions.


Don't Work Continuously For More Than An Hour

Stand, stretch and walk after every one hour. Don't sit continuously in front of the computer for too long.


Get Your Posture Right

While sitting or standing, observe your posture. Relax your whole body. A wrong posture could cause many pains.


Try Yoga

Yoga is a good way of preventing certain body pains. Back pain and neck pain can also be eliminated using yoga. But still, you need your doctor's green signal to start yoga if you are already suffering from any health condition.


Eat Foods That Strengthen Bones And Joints

Consume foods like apples berries, nuts, carrots, leafy vegetables and fish. Some of them are good for the joints whereas some help in reducing inflammation which causes joint pain.

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