Are You Eating According To Your Zodiac Sign?

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Did you know that when you eat according to your zodiac sign, you will face less agony and sickness? Surprised?

Well, according to recent studies, if an Arian consumes the right zodiac diet, he or she will not be prone to many diseases. It is said according to astrology that health and diet go hand in hand.

It is astrology that acknowledges this fact and recommends different types of food to suit the different star signs.

So, if you are a Taurean and have been suffering from a bloated tummy when stressed, it is advisable for you to consume foods like eggs, spinach and nuts. These three foods are said to reduce the bloating in the tummy, which is one of the major health concerns.

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Likewise, listed in this article are some of the right kind of foods that one should eat as per his or her zodiac sign.

It is time you follow this strict zodiac diet, in order to get rid of all those aches and diseases you are presently suffering with.

So, waste no time, sit back, relax and read on:



Piscians are prone to colds and flu. If you add foods like chicken, lamb meat, beets and citrus foods to the diet, you can overcome these infections.



Aquarians suffer from high blood pressure. Therefore, consuming foods like peaches, pears, figs, lemons, dates, pomegranates, etc, are ideally the best to control your blood pressure.



Capricorns should add a lot of calcium foods to their diet. Foods like cabbage, peas, potatoes and spinach, oats and milk should be a daily consumption to stay healthy and fit.



Sagittarians are usually the plumpy folks. Eating foods that will reduce the fat on their hips and thighs is ideally the best. The best foods for weight loss Sagittarians should add to their diet is whole grain cereal, skimmed milk, fish and yoghurt.



Scorpions deal a lot with emotional stress and infections. Therefore the healthy zodiac diet for a Scorpion to eat is milk, yogurt, walnuts, almonds, pineapple and prunes since these foods will cut out all the infections in the body.



Librans should cut down on their consumption of processed foods and alcohol. These two foods are extremely bad for the health! Adding healthy foods like beetroot, corn, carrots, apples, raisins, etc, are simply the best.



Virgo normally suffer from digestive problems. Therefore, adding fibre-rich foods to the diet is ideally the best thing to do. Consume foods that are rich in fibre, which will help heal the tummy from all sorts of problems. Oats, banana, eggs, papaya, etc, are some of the options.



Leo should only opt for low-fat foods, in order to keep healthy and fit. The best nutritious foods Leos should add to their zodiac diet are seafood, lemons, beef, coconut, beetroot are many more.



Cancerians have the tendency to overeat when they get stressed; and due to this, they opt for foods that are high in calories. Therefore, eating the right foods like berries, green vegetables and fish, etc, will aid in keeping the tummy full as well as help in boosting your mood.



If you are a Gemini, you probably will be suffering from too much of stress. To control your stress levels, the best food to add to your zodiac diet would be asparagus, grapefruit, almonds, buttermilk and water. These foods will help to reduce your stress levels and keep heart diseases at bay.



Taureans suffer from stomach issues. A bloated tummy is one of the main things that every Taurean usually has to bear with. To ease that bloated tummy, the best healthy foods to consume are spinach, green salads, cranberries and kidney beans.



Arians are prone to headaches and blocked sinuses. Therefore, adding foods like dried apricots, bananas, figs, broccoli, beans, etc, to your diet can solve these issues and this health problem you constantly face will also disappear.

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