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7 Legumes For The Modern Woman

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Legumes should be a must add to your diet, especially for women. Legumes are healthy as it is rich in iron. Legumes, which is also referred to as beans, are a good source of protein and fiber. According to Ayurveda, it is said that when you add legumes to your diet, it becomes a balanced meal due to it's nutritional level.

It is a good food since it is low on fat, and they also have the ability to easily satiate hunger. YOU MUST EAT PULSES TO LOSE WEIGHT.......

In many parts of India, one of the many famous ways of preparing these legumes is called sundal. This preparation is tasty, healthy, and rich in proteins and vitamins.

Here are some of the healthy legumes women should add to their daily diet. Legumes which you should add are soya beans,chickpeas, black-eyed peas, black beans, lentils and much more:


Chana Dal

For those women on a weight loss, it is best to add chana dal to your diet. They help to boost metabolism and thus help to lose weight rapidly.


Soya Beans

Soya is high in protein and contains all amino acids which is good for the immunity system, especially women who are going through menopause.


Green Peas

Green peas should be added to your daily meals as it helps to reverses arterial disease and in a way also reduces urinary sugar in diabetic patients .


Horse Gram

Horse gram is one of the many legumes which are good for the modern woman since it contains a good amount of phosphorus which is good for brain and nerves.


Green Gram

Not only is green gram good for all beauty purposes, green gram is also good for the heart and the kidneys. It is one legume to add to your daily diet.


French Beans

Not only is french beans good in strengthening your body it is also beneficial for post pregnancy as it helps to increase breast milk. Women who have given birth should add this legume to their meals.


Cow Peas

Rich in Rich in vitamin A and B, cow peas is another legumes which is the best for the modern woman.

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