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Indian Foods That Increase Body Heat

By Ajanta Sen

Summer days are not pleasing all around the globe. Though cold countries welcome the hot summer days very eagerly, the situation is different for the hot countries like India.

The Indians spend a major part of the year with the hot summer sun on their head, and that is why the experiences are not that good. They need to take care of many things that can keep their body cool.

12 Foods To Reduce Body Heat

Hot body faces terrible health consequences and that why they always need to avoid the foods that increase body heat.

Knowledge of the top Indian foods that increase body heat during summer is very important as it can prevent them from consuming them. This can help them to keep the body cool and healthy, especially in the summer days.

Healthy Juices To Reduce Body Heat Posted by: Amrisha

If you are willing to know about these top Indian foods that increase body heat during summer, then the following information can be very helpful for you:

Cold Drinks/ Liquids
Though these liquids, especially the aerated drinks, taste cold, their effect is not similar. In the opinion of the doctors and dietitians, these cold drinks and cold foods lead to constricting effect on the blood vessels. This can lead to serious consequences in the end. They also interfere with sweating and digestion and reduce their rates.

As sweating and digestion are natural phenomenons of cooling the body, so this can increase the temperature of the body harmfully. You need to avoid taking these foods that increase body heat.

Oily Foods
If you are looking for the right information about the top Indian foods that increase body heat during summer, then you must stop taking oily foods for good.

Consumption of these foods often harms the natural processes of metabolism. It results in fatigue and poor level of concentration. People also suffer from poor visionary effects.

Spicy Food
Among the foods that increase body heat, spicy foods are the most important ones. Though spices make the food tasty, they often make them difficult to digest. Difficulty in the process of digestion often leads to reduced or lowered metabolism. It increases the heat of the body. In any case, this can lead to poor health conditions that can lead to heart failures and obesity.

Alcohol and Caffeine
Excessive consumption of both alcohol and caffeine can be extremely dangerous for the body. These are rated as one of the top Indian foods that increase body heat during summer. The doctors always prevent consumption of caffeine in during the summer days.

People need to avoid its consumption as much as possible. As far as alcohol is concerned, it is bad for the human body across all seasons. It leaves a toxic effect on the body.

Moreover, these have added sugar and other preservatives that make these foods that increase body heat. They become even more dangerous as they increase the temperature from within, and that can lead to serious consequences indeed.

If you are willing to stay healthy and fit during the summer, then you must know about the top Indian foods that increase the body heat during summer. You need to drink plenty of water as prescribed by the doctors and other medical practitioners.

As suggested, you need to take at least three liters of water every day without any hesitation. This can help you get strong metabolism and your body can stay cool and healthy. You need to take green vegetable and fruits in your diet every day as well.

Story first published: Wednesday, April 22, 2015, 18:32 [IST]
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