Alert: Ajinomoto Is A Silent-Killer

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The actual name of Ajinomoto is Monosodium Glutamate. If you love Chinese food, you must be aware of this ingredient. Well, though it makes the food tasty, it isn't healthy.

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Health experts say that it is very dangerous especially for kids and pregnant women. In fact, a recent study says that Monosodium Glutamate is one of the most dangerous ingredients! This flavour enhancer is being used in many spicy dishes nowadays and even some packed foods contain it. It is generally added in sauces, broths, chips and of course almost all types of canned and processed foods.

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Are there any side effects of Ajinomoto? Most of us don't know why Ajinomoto is harmful for health. Well, headaches, nausea, excessive sweating, weakness and in some rare cases, chest pain are all some of the side effects of using Ajinomoto.

A study suggests that consuming instant noodles and soups that contain this ingredient could be very dangerous to health. So, what happens when you consume this ingredient? Well, the main issue here is, when glutamic acid is consumed, your blood glutamate levels may drastically increase. When it reaches unhealthy levels, several issues may arise.

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Some studies also say that your nerve cells may get over stimulated when it is consumed. But as this ingredient is pretty affordable (inexpensive) and also tasty, many people find it tough to give it up.

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In fact, some studies also say that Ajinomoto may stimulate pancreas and may result in obesity too. Why are we not able to give it up when there are so many side effects of Ajinomoto? Well another study says it is addictive too! Now, let us carefully discuss why Ajinomoto is harmful for health.


A Bad Headache

Headache is one of the most common side effects of this ingredient but if it turns into migraine, it is better to stop consuming foods that contain Ajinomoto immediately.



Some people may also experience pain and burning sensation in certain areas of the face.


It Over-Stimulates Your Nerves

Some reports say that this ingredient disturbs the balance of neuro-transmitters and this could lead to several health issues. To put it in a nutshell, your nervous system may get stimulated excessively after consuming foods that contain this ingredient.


In Pregnant Women...

Health experts say that pregnant women must totally avoid foods containing this ingredient. Some studies link sterility in women to this ingredient.


Heart Issues

Chest pain and irregular heart beats are not uncommon in people who excessively consume this ingredient.


Blood Pressure

Some studies have gone a bit ahead and reported that this ingredient may cause blood pressure issues if consumed excessively.



Some people also report excessive sweating after consuming foods containing Ajinomoto. Though this isn't among the serious side effects, it could be embarrassing.



When you consume this ingredient especially when your immunity levels are low, you may suffer nausea.



Some studies claim that this ingredient affects pancreas and blood sugar levels; this may indirectly make you eat more and thereby cause obesity.


Other Health Effects

Other possible side effects of Ajinomoto may include weakness, cancer, asthma, diabetes, thyroid issues, food allergies and eye related issues.

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