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The Health Dangers Of Wi-Fi

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Today, most of us live in Wi-Fi environments. Workplaces, homes, public places and even airports are Wi-Fi connected today. But is it safe to carry on with it? Well, there are some health effects of Wi-Fi!

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It is very convenient to use this technology but at the cost of your health. It's like living with unseen forces that gradually damage your health even without your knowledge.

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Many studies have proved that this wireless technology isn't a friend of good health. Shockingly, Wi-Fi seems to affect the health and wellness and this is especially severe in children.The main reason behind Wi-Fi health dangers seems to be the electromagnetic radiation. Your modems and routers are filling your indoor air with rays that are invisible and harmful too.

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Exposure to this kind of radiation may cause severe Wi-Fi health hazards. Now, let us discuss about them.


Pregnant Women And Children

Pregnant women must be more careful as studies suggest that exposure to this kind of radiation may also affect fetal development. Also, if you have babies at home, it is better to avoid using Wi-Fi technology.



A study suggests that those who are exposed to the radiation for longs hours may find it tough to fall asleep. Health experts recommend switching off the modems or routers while sleeping at home to minimise this issue.


Energy Levels

A study conducted on 30 women indicated that women who are exposed to radiation for more than an hour can suffer low energy levels and brain activity.


Brain Function

In a startling study, scientists found that radiation can impact brain function in school-going children. In adults, loss of concentration can be observed when exposed to prolonged periods of radiation.



In men, exposure to radiation can also affect sperm movement and DNA too. Though the effects are not immediate, in long run, over-exposure to Wi-Fi environments may affect fertility in men.


Growth And Recovery

Scientists say that over exposure to radiation may affect cellular growth and recovery in the human body. In fact This applies to the usage of mobile phones too. Though we can't completely stay away from this technology, it is better to minimise your dependence on them.



Though it is not yet scientifically proved, scientists speculate that Wi-Fi environments may also cause several types of cancers. Of course, unless concrete proof is presented, we don't need to fear this.


Racing Heart

Some people may immediately experience this. Your heart starts racing when you are exposed to high frequencies of radiation. Though not everyone experiences this immediately, it is better to be careful.



This is one of the most obvious reaction to excess exposure of radiation. Your head starts aching. Though it isn't a very serious issue, it may turn out to be one in the long run.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 14, 2015, 11:17 [IST]
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