How Long Does It Take To Burn Calories

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How long does it take to burn fat? Well before you even plan to get into a workout routine, it is better to avoid gaining fat in the first place. Well, for that it helps if you know about the calorie content in various foods and the time you need to spend in order to burn the excess calories.

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You can stay away from high calorie foods if you think you can't spend that much of time burning the excess calories.

The problem is, we all know that burgers and cupcakes are high calorie junk foods but we still eat them because we don't even have a vague idea about how long it literally takes to burn the excess calories contributed by them.

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In this post, let us discuss what it really takes to burn calories after eating junk foods.


Potato Chips

It takes nearly 2 hours of running to burn those 800 calories contributed by the 150 grams of potato chips. Of course, this is just an approximate calculation as the number of calories may vary depending upon the oil used to fry. Also, your genetics may also decide how fast or slow you burn calories.



If you love cupcakes then this might shock you a bit. Well, you might need to perform yoga for more than an hour if you have to burn those calories from the cupcakes.


Soft Drinks

Tempted to drink a glass of coke? Well, are you ready to jog for half an hour to get rid of those 200-250 calories?



Yes, it boosts your mood but if you are addicted to it then get ready to run for 30 minutes for every 50 grams of chocolate you consume. Otherwise, you may simply become overweight.



Ate a pizza? Then you can burn those calories by simply taking the stairs. But wait, you might need to run up and down the stairs for 12 minutes to burn those calories.


Ice Cream

You might need to walk for 6 kms to burn the calories of an ice cream that weighs 100 grams! Are you interested?



If you can't do without a burger then get ready to jog for nearly 2 hours. Yes it contains nearly 530 calories!

If you know about other high calorie foods that are difficult to burn, please share it with us.

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