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What Is SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Growth)?

What is SIBO? Well, it is the short form of small intestinal bacterial growth. Some of its symptoms are burping, belching, feeling bloated etc.

When the normal levels of bacteria in the small intestines exceed, this problem occurs. Bloating and gas problems are caused when the bacterial overgrowth occurs.

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How and when does this occur? Is it a serious issue? Well, here are more facts about SIBO that you need to know.


What's The Problem With Overgrowth Of Bacteria?

When bad bacteria dominate the small intestine, digestive process may get impacted. When digestion is improper, absorption of nutrients may become tough. Also cramping, flatulence, belching and gas could trouble you.


In Some Cases...

If the levels of bacteria are not excessive but more than normal, then the problem stops at bloating. In worst cases, it could cause constipation or diarrhea.

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In Worst Cases...

If the overgrowth of bacteria crosses a limit then it could rapidly affect your body's ability to absorb nutrients from your food. This could cause deficiency, anemia, chronic diarrhea and even rapid weight loss.


What Causes SIBO?

Even low levels of stomach acid could also cause SIBO. The role of the acids is to help in digestion and also to work like a disinfectant. It can control the levels of bacteria.

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Why Antacids Aren't Good?

They could disturb the harmonious environment inside. They may alter the microbiome. This may further disturb the digestive system. Of course, proton-pump-inhibitors do provide quick relief from heart burn. But over-usage is unhealthy.


Slow Transit

In some people, food takes too much of time to travel through the small intestine and this could ferment the food over there.

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What Else Will Cause SIBO?

Meat may contain remnants of antibiotics. That could also cause the problem. Artificial sweeteners, grains, sugars, beans and fructose could aggravate the problem. Consult a doctor if you see any symptoms of SIBO.

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