Foods That Are Bad For Digestion

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When you are already suffering from digestive issues, how wise is it to eat a pizza or a burger? Well, that would surely irritate your stomach. Also, if you consume acidic foods when you are already suffering from acidity, what happens? Well, that would be be dangerous to some parts of your stomach.

So, there are some foods bad for digestive system. It is better to stay away from them especially when you are already suffering from any type of digestive disorder. Even nausea and bloated belly can be a symptom of digestive issues and it is better to choose your foods carefully when you feel like that.

Spicy stuff is bad and sweets are also bad when your belly is tired. Why are such foods bad for digestion? Well, your diet needs to contain more of fibre along with proteins, vitamins and minerals. When your diet lacks fibre the digestive process gets tougher. Unfortunately, most of us love foods that contain no fibre at all.

Well, what foods are bad for digestion? Let us discuss about them in this post.



Your body hates to work on both sweets and salty stuff. So, when your digestive system is weak try to avoid such foods.


Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol is bad for your belly as well as your liver. Also, remember that consuming too much may affect your digestive system in a bad way.



When you consume too much of fries, you may suffer from diarrhea. You may also feel bloated and constipated. Try to avoid them especially when you experience an upset stomach.


Acidic Substances

Even lemons and tomatoes are acidic and such foods, though natural can lead to digestive issues when you are suffering from an upset stomach.


Milk Products

Even dairy can be tough to digest and if you are suffering from lactose intolerance, stay away from dairy totally.



The caffeine present in coffee may over stimulate your stomach and intestines. Stay away form all caffeinated products especially when you are suffering from digestive issues.


Spicy Stuff

When you are already suffering from digestive issues, stay away from all kinds of spicy foods as they irritate your stomach.


Processed Foods

Processed foods may contain many artificial ingredients that may affect your digestive system. Also, they provide no fibre to your body. So, stay away from them when your stomach is upset.

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