Foods That Make You Urinate Frequently

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Passing urine a few times a day is normal but if you feel the urge to pass it frequently then it could be a condition that must be treated. Sometimes, even lack of sleep can also make you urinate more frequently.

Out of the many causes of frequent urination, one reason could also be the foods in your diet. Yes, there are certain foods that make you pee.

Though frequent urination isn't so serious, it is important to meet a doctor to get the real problem diagnosed. Some people who consume lots of fluids may also experience this condition. In fact, pregnancy and diabetes can also be the reasons.

Now, let us discuss about the foods that make you urinate frequently. Consult a doctor to know whether to exclude such foods from your diet.


Coffee And Foods That Contains Caffeine

The caffeine content in coffee is responsible for frequent urination. It influences the anti-diuretic hormone which makes you pass urine.



Just like caffeine, even alcohol impacts your ADH which makes you visit the loo often.



Some fruit juices contain sorbitol which has a diuretic effect on your system. This makes you feel the urge to urinate frequently.



The problem with any soda whether it is a plain beverage or a soft drink is that it can irritate your bladders and may make you feel like passing urine often.


Salt Depletion

When salt depletion occurs, your body may feel like urinating. When you perform an intense workout, you may sweat out a lot causing salt depletion.



Some compounds in chocolates tend to irritate your bladder. Also, chocolates impact the absorption of water in your kidneys. This may cause you to urinate.



Acidic foods like tomatoes also irritate your bladder mildly causing you to feel the urge to urinate.

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