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Curb Stomach Problems Quickly With These 7 Ayurvedic Tonics
As per ayurveda, fire or agni is responsible for our overall health. Agni has the ability to judge which substance entering our cells and tissues should be removed. The food you consume either strengthens this agni or affects it adversely and ...
Here Are The Causes And Treatments Of Bloating
Ever felt like the jeans you wore just last night suddenly refused to fit today? Is it possible to have gained some extra pounds around the abdomen overnight? Answer is, yes, it's possible. But it's not gaining weight overnight that caused ...
10 Signs And Symptoms Of Heart Murmur
Our first reaction when we hear about a heart disease is to get scared and worried, right? Well, it is quite natural because we know that heart diseases are one of the most dangerous diseases, some of which can take a ...
14 Surprising Benefits Of Jeera Water During Pregnancy
An expecting mother wants to do everything right during her pregnancy. She would have doubts regarding any food item she consumes, how it affects her and if it is beneficial. Jeera or cumin is one such ingredient that has a multitude ...
Benefits Of Jeera Water During Pregnancy
7 Simple Tips To Prevent Stomach Bloating After You Eat
You go to your friend's wedding and along with all the other festivities you enjoy there, the delicious spread of wedding food is also something you relish. However, immediately after eating, you experience a bloating sensation in your stomach, which could ...
Stomach Bloating After Eating
Signs Which Indicate That Your Bloating Isn't Normal
The causes of bloating may be due to conditions like lactose intolerance or sometimes even cancer. The reasons can be varied. Do you know the reason behind why you're feeling bloated up? Is it due to some kind of a nuisance ...
Signs That Indicate That Your Bloating Isn T Normal
Simple Ways To Flatten Bloated Belly
Belly bloating is not always because of excessive consumption of certain foods or the accumulation of abdominal fat. It is a normal process that occurs when you do not pay heed to the type of food you eat, the way of ...
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