Are You Stressed Or Fatigued? Then Eat These Foods, It Helps!

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Long working hours and travelling to your workplace can make you really tired and fatigued. By the time you get back home you get totally drained and all you want to do is just sleep.

This is just one of the conditions. There are several other reasons that lead to stress and fatigue. If you are looking out for a natural way to drive away fatigue and stress, then there are certain foods that actually help.

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Natural ways to fight fatigue and stress are always safe and best. These do not have any side effects and are easily available right in your home. All that one needs to do is just grab them and have them whenever the need arises.

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Suffering from physical exhaustion and mental stress for a long time might prove to be dangerous and may lead to other severe health problems related to blood pressure, diabetes, heart problem and depression, too. Hence, identifying the problem and taking care of it at the correct time is important.

Today at Boldsky we have listed a few foods that help to beat stress and fatigue. Take a look.


1. Banana:

Rich in potassium, bananas also contain a good amount of vitamins, fibre and carbohydrates that help in beating fatigue and stress.


2. Yogurt:

Yogurt is one of the best known probiotics that contains protein and carbohydrates. It helps in providing quick energy and fights fatigue instantly.


3. Watermelon:

Watermelon is rich in water and electrolytes. It helps in fighting dehydration and fatigue, especially when it is hot and provides the needed energy to get going.


4. Almonds:

Not all fats are bad for your health. Almonds, which contain mono-saturated fats that are healthy, are good to beat stress as well as fatigue.


5. Spinach:

Rich in fibre, iron, vitamins and other nutrients, spinach helps in boosting the metabolism and fight fatigue and stress. It can be consumed raw or cooked.


6. Green Tea:

Green tea contains a compound called polyphenols, which helps in driving away fatigue and stress. Having green tea when you are stressed helps to boost your energy.


7. Water:

Water is one of the most important ingredients that helps fight dehydration which is one of the main causes of fatigue. If you are too tired or fatigued make it a point to drink water.


8. Oatmeal:

Rich in fibre and protein oatmeal is one of the best foods that helps in driving away fatigue. It can be eaten not just for breakfast but oatmeal can be eaten anytime of the day as well.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 26, 2016, 19:00 [IST]
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