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How Does Butterfly Stroke In Swimming Help In Weight Loss?

Leave alone the fad diets, which makes you lose weight and at the same time deprives your body of the essential nutrients. There are other workout options in which you can lose your weight without depriving your body of nutrients.

One such weight loss exercise is swimming. This sport alone has innumerable health benefits and it is a must for all age groups. Swimming makes your body flexible, and helps you to achieve a well toned body.

If you want to burn the maximum amount of calories in the water, you should certainly opt for the butterfly stroke as it is one of the fastest competitive swimming strokes.

5 Types Of Swimming Strokes And Their Health Benefits

How Does Butterfly Stroke in Swimming Helps In Weight Loss?

Butterfly stroke is one of the slowest of all the swimming strokes because you can't simply glide through the water and it burns a lot of calories as compared to other strokes [1] .

The average calorie you can burn for butterfly stroke is around 450 calories for 30 minutes of swimming. This swimming stroke is most effective for toning and building muscles, aids in strengthening the upper body, tones the chest, stomach, arms and your back muscles. Butterfly stroke also helps in increasing body flexibility, suppleness and stretches the body out to improve posture.

Butterfly stroke is not for the beginners as it is the hardest technique in swimming, because you have to kick forcefully to move yourself forward and prompt your upper body above the water to breathe.

How To Do Butterfly Stroke

  • Practice moving your whole body in a wavy fashion just the way a dolphin glides in water.
  • When your chest rises your hips should be in the lowest position, and when your chest falls your hips should be in the highest position.
  • Synchronize your body movement with your arms and leg strokes, you will be able to master the swimming stroke.

To Conclude..

To reap most of the benefits of swimming for weight loss, you can add variety of strokes to your swimming routine and remember take it slow and do not overexert yourself on the first day. Gradually, your stamina will improve and you will be able to spend 30 minutes in the water without getting tired.

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