All You Need To Know About The '6 Meals A Day' Plan For Weight Gain

By Chandrayee Sen

It is seen that most people today are running behind losing weight to get the desired body shape. There are numerous articles on how to lose weight, what food to eat, and even food critics and dietitians take an active part in helping people to fight with obesity.

But some people are too skinny to look beautiful. Both men and women who are underweight are ashamed of going out in public. Such people feel that they can never get selected for a gym session due to their weight.

Under such circumstances, it is important for skinny people to take '6 meals a day' with all the vital nutrients. Only drinking a protein shake or energy booster won't help in gaining weight.

Proper food in adequate amount is also required. So prepare a diet chart that contains 6 meals a day for weight gain.

Note: Like weight loss, gaining weight is equally time-consuming. It will not happen overnight. So, a person needs to keep himself motivated to take up this long procedure and follow the weight gain method regularly to see an effective benefit in the long run.

Given below are some of the things to be included in your daily routine for gaining weight.

6 meals a day plan for weight gain

The 6 Meal Diet Chart For Weight Gain

Here is the list of certain items along with the timings, which can help you in gaining weight.

• Wake up in the morning and have a cup of tea or coffee with sugar and full-fat milk before breakfast between 7-8 AM.

• Have your breakfast between 8-9 AM. For having a healthy breakfast, you can have two slices of toasted multi-grain bread with butter or cheese along with boiled egg, and fruit juice. You can also have a bowl of oats, cereals, or cornflakes, or have upma, poha, or daliya khichdi as per your taste. Some people can also have stuffed paratha or chapatti with a bowl of vegetables (less spicy and oily).

• For your mid-morning snacks between 10-11 AM, you can have a glass of full-fat milk or health drink like whey protein.

• Have your lunch between 12.30-1.30 PM. For your lunch, you can have two chapatis with a small bowl of rice or have an adequate amount of either of them. Add pulses like any dal of your choice, along with vegetable curry. You can add two pieces of boiled chicken, egg, fish, or paneer, as per your choice.

Have sufficient amount of salad that includes tomato, cabbage, cucumber, carrots, etc. Lastly, add a bowl of yogurt to your meal.

• You evening snacks can include a veg sandwich with a generous amount of cheese or mayonnaise, or have a bowl of vegetable or chicken soup between 5.30-6.30 PM.

• Have your dinner between 8.30-9.30 PM. The menu for your dinner can be the same as lunch, but it is best to avoid rice at night. You can have burger, pizza, or pasta occasionally for dinner.

• Before bedtime, have a glass of milk between 10.30-11 PM.

So, these are the few steps by which you can gain potential body weight. But remember that besides these, your body needs an adequate amount of sleep as well.

Try to relax your mind, remove stress and anxiety, and follow the '6 meal diet plan' to get the desired body shape.


1. Include Calories In Your Diet

In order to gain weight, it is important to consume food that contains a high amount of calories. It is advised that a minimum amount of 250 calories per day is required to gain weight. For this, you need to consume an adequate amount of meat, pulses, dry fruits, bread, cereals, nuts, and rice.

It is important to have healthy food but not adding cholesterol to the body. So, you need to have an adequate amount of green vegetables like spinach, pumpkin, broccoli, carrot, cabbage, beans, and eggplant.

Add sufficient amount of olive oil to your leafy green salad. You can even add health red meat but in a limited amount. Besides, have high-calorie dairy products on your regular diet.


2. Increase The Number Of Meals

For proper weight gain, it is important for a person to have 6 meals a day. He/she should have 3 big meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and 3 small snacks.
With start of the day, your motto should be to eat healthy but nutritious high-calorie food, in order to render weight gain. For this, you can start your day with toasted bread with butter or cheese, along with a bowl of cereal and fruits/fruit juice.

For late morning snacks, you can have a sandwich with cheese and veggies, or high-calorie salad with red meat, or nuts. Even add some deserts like ice cream in your diet.

Once in a while, you can even have pizza, burgers, cakes, or pastries to savor your taste buds. The frequent consumption of meals helps to retain your body energy and also avoid the storing of fat.


3. High Proteins Along With Calories

When a person is looking forward to gaining substantial body weight, he needs to have food containing a high amount of protein along with calories. For this, he needs to include pulses, chicken, egg, meat, fish, lean meat, and dairy products in his diet.

You can have fishes like mackerel and tuna for weight gain. Having an adequate amount of protein will act as the building block for your muscles. You need to remember to look fit and not fat.


4. Healthy Fats

When considering gaining weight, it is good to have some amount of fatty foods but don't overdo it. You need to consume good fat that induces the growth of the muscles, strengthens them, and increases the production of testosterone.

Fat-contained foods like salmon, nuts, flaxseed oil, leafy green veggies, avocado oil, etc., also helps in increasing your metabolic rate. They are also a good source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.


5. Weight Gain Supplements

Besides having 6 meals a day containing a high amount of calorie and protein, you can also include weight-gain supplements in your diet. One such supplement "whey protein" is widely available in the market as a weight-gain product. You need to add sufficient amount of whey protein in a glass of full cream milk and have it every day for better results.

Apart from consuming healthy nutritious food, you can also undertake yoga and exercises for gaining weight. Yoga is a century-old method that has several health benefits on our body. In order to gain weight with the help of yoga, you need to perform Sarvangasana for normalizing the weight in accordance with your age and height.

You can undertake Pawanmuktasana for easing stomach problems and increasing the appetite. Besides this, Vajrasana helps in gaining muscles.

Exercises are also beneficial in helping you gain body weight. They help in adding mass and breaking down the stored body fat. For this, you can undergo leg press, arm curls, weighted crunches, side lateral rise, and many more.

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