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How Metabolism Changes With Age

Do you know how metabolism changes with age? With age, many good things start bidding good bye. But in this article, let us talk about the root cause behind all the issues with age. Your metabolism slows down with age!

When your metabolism slows down, many other changes occur in your body and those are the very changes that make you look old.

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Let us discuss what happens as you age and how things start changing with each passing decade.


When You Are In Your Twenties...

Your metabolism tends to be fast when you are young. Though your calorie intake is high, your body may seem to spend those calories fast without showing you unwanted fat gains. Your energy levels tend to be at their peaks.

Metabolism Changes In 30s...

This is the age when metabolism changes a lot. By the time you reach your thirties, your metabolism gradually starts slowing down a bit.

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When metabolism slows down, many functions in your body tend to slow down. The rate at which your body can digest food and burn fat tends to slow down. Also after 30, you may need to work harder to maintain muscle mass.

In Your Forties...

Your metabolism slows down drastically by the time you reach your forties. Even your hormonal levels may see dip.

In women, their reproductive cycles may show the difference and in men, the libido levels may start waning. By the time one reaches 45, loss of muscle becomes obvious. Fat accumulation gives up and muscle gain declines. It is tough to even maintain muscle mass even if you work hard in the gym.

In Your Fifties...

In women, the monthly cycles may almost stop as they reach menopause. That is when significant weight gains may occur. In men, muscle loss becomes more and fatigue becomes common. As the metabolism slows down, fat accumulation may go up. In fact, it is better to eat less in that age.

What To Do As You Age?

As your metabolism slows down with each passing year, it is better to stay physically active and eat foods that really do good to your health.

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Other Tips

Increase protein intake, drink enough water, sleep sufficiently, exercise regularly and also try to relocate to a favourable climate when you retire. Certain climates keep your metabolism in full pace whereas some climates slow down your metabolic pace. Consult your doctor and try to stay in shape as you age.

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