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Why You Must Exercise Before Breakfast

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Exercise surely offers so many health benefits. But a new study says that exercising on empty stomach is even more beneficial.

Working out before breakfast can negate the effects of a high-calorie diet says this study. In other words, it can keep you away from unwanted weight gains.

Why You Must Exercise Before Breakfast

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So, if you are in the habit of eating a snack or drinking a shake before workout, you don't need to suddenly stop that habit. But in this post, let us discuss more about the benefits of working out before breakfast.


What A Study Says...

As a part of a study, researchers chose a group of men and made them eat high calorie diet. Half of them were made to workout every morning before breakfast. Surprisingly, they didn't gain any weight.


How An Empty Stomach Helps

Researchers say that workout on empty stomach is more effective than fed-training (which means eating something before workout) in numerous ways. It also boosts glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity.

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When Exercise Can Burn Fat Faster

Exercise on fasting (which means working out on empty stomach in the morning) can also force your body to breakdown stored fat for energy. If your goal is weight loss, working out before breakfast works well for you.


If You Eat Breakfast Before Workout...

If you eat breakfast (carbohydrates) before your workout, then you might have high chances of gaining weight even if you exercise regularly.


Food Vs. Fat As Fuel

Remember this: when you workout before breakfast, what fuels your workout is not the food but the fat and glycogen stored in fat cells, liver and muscles.

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Being Consistent

Another advantage of cultivating the habit of working out in the morning before breakfast is that you will have high chances of being consistent. Studies say that exercise first thing in the morning is practical. As the day passes by, you will be busy with several other activities which may make it impossible to workout.


Choose Your Workout Wisely

What kind of workouts are good in the morning before breakfast? Well, moderate to intense workouts like cardio and HIIT can be done. If you are into lifting heavy weights, then consult your coach.

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