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Why Warm Up Is Important Before Exercise

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Going directly into vigorous exercise is one of the worst things that you are doing to your body. Exercise will give you a prefect result only if it is done in the perfect way possible.

Having a warm-up session before exercising is very important. During this stage, your body will get time to prepare itself for the additional work you are offering.

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Warming up is the best way to heat up your body by increasing the body temperature and blood circulation. Also, this will provide the necessary nutrients to the cells.

There are two types of warm ups namely general and sport specific. General warm up will increase the overall physical potential of the body, whereas sport-specific warm up will establish a connection with the upcoming workout.

While stretching muscles without warm up, chances for strain is more because the muscles are still cold.

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If you wonder why warm up is important before exercise, understand that it is the best way to boost muscle efficiency, reduce strain, improve the reaction time and also improve the co-ordination skill.

It will also reduce the effect of post-exercise muscle soreness. Here, we will discuss more about the importance of a warm-up before exercise.


Increases Circulation

Warming up will give an extra load to your cardiovascular system. This will help increase the blood circulation, making the body ready. This preparation step is essential to proceed with a healthy exercise session.


Increases Body Temperature

As the name indicates, warming up will really warm up your body. This is by slightly increasing the body temperature. This will make the muscle and connective tissues become more flexible. Also, you will be more towards a ready mode after a warm-up session.


Warms The Muscle

When more blood reaches the muscles, tendons and ligaments, they will become more elastic. This will make process like stretching more easy and effective. This is one of the major benefits of a warm up before exercise.


Loosens The Joints

Warming up will loosen your joints and will make them more flexible to face the upcoming exercise movements. Another importance of warm-up before exercise is that it will reduce the joint injuries.


Increases The Oxygen Supply

Once the temperature and blood flow increases after a warm up, the amount of oxygen received by the cells will also increase. This will prevent the formation and accumulation of unwanted waste products that otherwise cause muscle pain and soreness.


Improves The Joints Movement

Exercise will never be healthy if you do it in the wrong way. Warming up before a session is an important point to be remembered. This will improve the joint movements and reduce the chance of ligament, tendon and muscle injuries.


Reduces The Stress Of The Heart

Going into a heavy exercise session directly will put more stress on your heart. Proceeding to scheduled exercise after having a warming up session will be the best way to handle this problem. This is another importance of a warm up before exercise.


Mentally Prepares The Body

Mental preparation is also an important factor that will make your exercise schedule more effective. This will improve the technique, skill and coordination of your steps. Also, this is the best way to get a special awareness of the body ability.

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 26, 2016, 2:00 [IST]
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