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8 Healthy Junk Food Alternatives To Get Slim

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Are you one among those who keep a stock of chips in office or at home and munch it whenever you feel hungry? Or you rush out and have a burger, aerated drinks, chocolates or chats. This has been adding to your weight continuously. Change your habit and get these healthy alternatives to junk food and get slim.

At every nook and corner of the road, junk foods are easily available and many a times all of us get tempted to eat these. This has been the reason for many to put on unwanted weight and also become obese.

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But there are also certain snacks available which will help to become slim as well. Initially it might be difficult to change the habit and stop eating the junk foods and eat healthy ones, but gradually over a period of time one gets used to it.

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Whenever you have the craving for junk food that you were used to, like chips and burgers, have quick healthy foods like bananas, dried fruits and fresh fruit juices. These foods are not just healthy but also help to lose weight and become slim.

Here is a list of 8 healthy alternatives to junk food which will help to become slim. Take a look.


1. Dried Fruits & Nuts:

Whenever you have the cravings for chocolates, munch on apricots, dates and rasins. These are rich in minerals, proteins, vitamins and fibre. So dried fruits are one of the best alternatives to junk foods.


2. Banana:

A banana, rich in potassium, is one fruit which you could just close your eyes and have and is one of the quick healthy foods you could have. Whenever you have the craving for potato chips, just replace it with a banana.


3. Yogurt:

If you want to become slim, then yogurt can be the best alternative snack to junk foods to eat and become slim. Rich in calcium and probiotics, yogurt helps in better digestion.


4. Fresh fruit juice:

Instead of going out and having burgers, it is best to have fresh fruit juices like apple juice, papaya juice and orange juice. This is one of the best alternatives to junk food.


5. Avocado smoothie:

There is no better snack than an avocado smoothie. Ditch the fried potato chips and have a glass of avocado smoothie. This snack will also help to lose weight.


6. Oats:

Oats is one of the best healthy foods. One could add dry fruits to it in order to get a good flavour. Apart from helping to lose weight, oats help to lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart diseases.


7. Sprouts:

Soak certain legumes and vegetables overnight to get sprouts. It is one of the healthiest and easiest snacks. Rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and fibre, sprouts are the best alternative to junk food. It helps to become slim too.


8. Puffed rice:

Whenever you have the craving for junk foods, just munch puffed rice. Add certain sprouts and mint to it and get a better taste. It is low in calories and one of the best foods to eat to lose weight and become slim.

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