Stop! Think Before Eating These Foods!

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When you meet your friend in the coffee shop, you might order a pizza and share it with your friend. You eat only two pieces and your friend eats the rest. But even those two pieces can cause belly fat if there isn't enough of physical activity in your lifestyle!

Yes, if you know how many calories each junk food adds to your body, you will be surprised. Maybe, that is when you will start thinking twice before eating a pizza, burger or any other junk food which your body doesn't need in order to live.

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Here are some foods, their calorie count and the level of physical activity necessary to burn them.


Fact #1

Do you love doughnuts? Well, think before eating one because one single doughnut comes with around 250 calories. And if you go for a rich chocolate doughnut, it contains around 450 calories! Do you know how much of physical activity you need in order to burn those extra calories to avoid belly fat? You may need to do crunches for more than an hour (that's realistically impossible!)


Fact #2

Do you love cakes or pastries? Well, even if you eat one piece of a cake or a pastry, you need to deal with around 250-350 extra calories (depending upon the flavour of the cake)! Are you willing to walk for a couple of hours to lose those calories?


Fact #3

There are around 290 calories in a single piece of pizza! And if you eat just two pieces, you have more than 600 unwanted calories in your system! Imagine climbing stairs for 2 hours! You need that much of energy expenditure to burn those calories!

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Fact #4

Nothing tastes better than a fried chicken piece in those fast food joints. But it can easily give you roughly around 400-500 calories which can't be easily burnt unless you do an hour of cycling!


Fact #5

Prepare your own milk shake at home, that too, if you are into regular workouts. But if you drink the milk shake in a fast food joint, you are easily getting around 700 calories and artificial ingredients in your system. Maybe, you need to do jumping rope for around an hour to prevent fat accumulation.


Fact #6

Every can of sweet soda you drink may easily add up a couple of hundreds of calories along with harmful substances and unwanted sugar. Maybe, you need to do lunges for nearly an hour to burn those calories!

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Fact #7

A burger along with French fries would surely be the best snack you can ever enjoy. But that's around 700 calories which need more than a couple of hours of hard work or intense activity to burn!

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