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Another Benefit Of Fish Oil Discovered!

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Fish oil supplements are believed to work well in treating depression, combating inflammation and more but there is very less evidence to prove its efficiency in those areas.

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But does fish oil help you lose weight? A new study claims fish oil worked well for weight loss in mice. Researchers worked on two groups of mice to determine this. They fed one group with fish oil to study the difference.

After a few days, researchers found that the group of mice which consumed fish oil gained comparatively less weight. Also, their insulin levels were healthier and body warmth was a bit higher. And yes, this group of mice was burning more number of calories.

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So, fish oil diet may work for weight loss. Though there is still very little evidence to support this, health experts say that future studies may also support this fact.


Fact #1

Fish oil is said to build muscle and burn fat. In a study, a few subjects were given fish oil supplements. After a period of time, they seemed to lose some extra weight without even trying any workout or other weight loss diet.


Fact #2

Your appetite may stay under control when you consume fish oil. This will indirectly reduce your chances of over eating and gaining weight. As it controls the regulation of serotonin, your food cravings will be lesser.


Fact #3

Some people use it as an antidepressant mainly because fish oil seems to regulate the feel good chemical serotonin which might help keep moods normal.


Fact #4

Your efforts in the gym may give you better results when you add fish oil to your diet. As it has the capacity to build muscle and burn fat even without any exercise, using it along with workouts can offer better results.


Fact #5

It may impact the fat storage of your body too. As it enhances the insulin sensitivity of your system, most of the food you eat will have lower chances of being stored in the form of fat.


Fact #6

One big challenge is to find genuine supplements that don't contain any impurities. Some products may contain toxins, heavy metals or other impurities. They do more harm than good.


Fact #7

It is important to consult a doctor before trying out such a supplement. Also, the dosage and the period of usage should also be decided by a doctor as your current health condition must be first considered.

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Story first published: Friday, January 8, 2016, 12:56 [IST]
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