Want To Lose Weight? Follow The 'Banana Diet'!

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Japanese man, Hitoshi Watanabe lost more than 18 kgs by strictly following the banana diet. This diet became popular after people got to see the drastic change in Hitoshi Watanabe. Hitoshi is a true inspiration for those who want to lose weight which is why Boldsky shares with it's readers the enriching banana diet for weight loss.

Those who are tired of looking at their figure in the mirror each passing day should definitely follow this weight loss plan. According to experts, people refrain from consuming banana because of it's high sodium and fat content. But, today nutritionists prove that banana is in fact the best fruit for weight loss.

This banana diet for weight loss is simply outstanding since it is easy and comfortable to follow. In the diet, there are no added fruits and beverages; this makes this weight loss diet perfect for the modern man and woman.

If you're considering to follow the banana diet for weight loss, here are some of the things you must keep in mind. Alongside following this diet, drinking ample amount of water is important as bananas are rich in fibre which can make you feel uneasy through the day.

Here is the banana diet for weight loss, take a look:


Breakfast Banana Diet

Since breakfast is an important meal of the day, it is wise to begin the day with a good meal on your plate. Start by eating 2 raw bananas. After 15 minutes, if you still remain hungry, you can opt for another banana added to a bowl of sugar free oatmeal. Sip on small amounts of water post breakfast to aid in digestion.


Lunch Banana Diet

At lunch, consume foods that have this main fruit. You can opt for a bowl of banana salad or juice. Make sure that you consume at least 4 to 5 small bananas at lunch. The tiny bananas are preferably the best since they are not high in calories. End your lunch meal with a banana dessert.


Dinner Banana Diet

It is important to eat your dinner before 7:30 pm. Your dinner should consist of two rotis or a cup of brown rice. Swap the dal gravies with a ripened banana to eat with the roti. Add a spoon of curd to the brown rice and top it up with slices of banana. This dinner should be completed with water which should not be drunk 30 minutes after your meal.


Fluid Intake

In this banana diet for weight loss, one should include only water in the diet. The water should be at room temperature. It is also important to sip the water while drinking and not gulp it down.


Snack Diet

If you get hungry during the day, opt for healthy snacks that are less in calories and high in energy. Fresh fruits and boiled vegetables are options. You can also binge on unsalted popcorn which is extremely healthy when you are following this banana diet to lose weight.


Bedtime Rules

Sleep for 8 hours every night. It is important to get the required sleep as it helps in making the process of weight loss much effective. It is best to aim for a four-hour period between your last meal and bedtime.


Should You Exercise?

This banana diet doesn't require too much of exercise. You can either skip the workout or opt for it. It depends upon your strength and stamina.

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