Fitness Tips For Gym Beginners

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Today the number of people at risk due to obesity and heart diseases are increasing at an alarming rate, especially in the younger generation. But thankfully, people nowadays are more aware of the need to stay physically fit. Many people have incorporated a regular exercise schedule into their daily lives.

There are many exercises like walking, swimming and jogging that can be done to get rid of the unwanted fat to maintain a healthy and fit body. Many people have opted to go to the gym for a workout. This is an excellent way to start sweating. You have many exercise machines at your disposal and even a trainer to guide you through a schedule.


But, many newcomers fail to follow fitness tips for gym beginners. Gym tips for beginners are imperative in helping you tap into your potential and make the best use of your workouts. These also ensure that you are not doing anything wrong. Simple mistakes can make serious consequences. It can also hinder your body from getting the best results from the exercise program.

Fitness Tips For Gym Beginners

Below we list a few fitness tips for gym beginners to follow.

Safety precautions: The first thing to do before joining a gym is to ensure that you are able to perform these exercises. Answering the Physical Activities Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) or consulting your doctor before joining the gym may help.

The right gear:
The first among fitness tips for gym beginners is to have the right gear for exercise. Wear proper training shoes and clothes for a gym workout. The wrong gear will hinder your exercise and can even cause injury.

Let your trainer know: Among gym tips for beginners, one of the most important one is to let your trainer know of your limitations and medical conditions if any. He will then be able to arrange your training to help you without stressing your body.

Consistency: Another among fitness tips for gym beginners is to be consistent with your exercises. Your trips to the gym should be regular, preferably seven times a week. Consistent efforts will help you reap the benefits.

Warm up exercises:
Many people tend to run to a machine as soon as they enter the gym and start sweating. But this is harmful for your body. Among fitness tips for gym beginners is one to do some warming up before exercising.

Mix up your routines: We know many people who seem to be in love with the treadmill. They will stay stuck on the treadmill till they leave the gym. Mixing up your exercise routines is another among fitness tips for gym beginners.

Keep yourself hydrated:
Among gym tips for beginners, another one is to stay hydrated. You are driving your body to do a lot of unaccustomed exercises and this will cause the body to lose fluids. Keep sipping some water between exercises.

Do not slouch: Another among fitness tips for gym beginners is not to slouch while doing any of the exercises. Keep your body straight and look ahead and not at your feet. Relax the shoulders and take deep breaths if you find yourself slouching.

When to stop: Gym tips for beginners include knowing when to stop. Listen to your body for chest pains or shortness of breath during exercise. If this happens, you should stop exercising. Increase your workout length over some time.

Cool down sequence:
Like warm up exercises, cool down exercises are also required before you stop your workout for the day. These exercises are designed to relax and soothe your muscles after a vigorous training session.

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Story first published: Monday, February 10, 2014, 18:15 [IST]
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