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Breathing Exercises To Help Smokers

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Your lungs are basically sponges that absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide. The more you breathe, the more your lung capacity increases. Medical practitioners believe that most people use only one-fourth of their actual lung capacity because we do not do lung exercises. However, smokers need special breathing exercises unlike the rest of us.

As we have already said that your lungs are like sponges and smoking makes the sponges absorb toxins and tar. This naturally reduces the power of the lungs to absorb oxygen. Some basic breathing exercises can help smokers inhale more oxygen.

Here are some of the best breathing exercises for smokers to breathe easy.

Breathing Exercises Smokers

Deep Breathing
This might sound like a very basic exercise but it works wonders. Deep breathing is nothing but conscious breathing. If only we could breathe deeply all the time, we would be filled with energy. When you breathe deeply, you using you lungs to the maximum possible extent. So naturally you inhale more oxygen.

Co-ordinated Breathing
If is not enough to breathe deeply. You must also have a certain measure of control over your breathing. Set a target to breath in and out for a certain number of times in a minute. Each breath should be inhaled and exhaled at uniform time gaps. It is difficult but this breathing exercise helps smokers discipline their lungs.

Pursed Lips Breathing
Breathe in through your nose. Now purse your lips and breathe out through your pursed lips. This ensures that you breath in quickly but breathe out gradually. And you must do this lung exercise in a standing position.

Diaphragmatic Breathing
This is the most important breathing exercise for smokers. The organ that non-smokers use for breathing is the diaphragm. But as smokers have polluted their lungs with so much of toxins, they use other organs like their abdomen and neck muscles to help them breathe. Smokers have to train their diaphragm to breath again with this lung exercise. Lie flat on your back and place a book on your chest. Breathe in deeply and make sure that the book rises with your chest. If you are breathing through your neck or abdomen, your chest will not rise and fall substantially. The book will help you focus all your energies on your diaphragm. Thus breathe deeply and make your lungs breathe again.

These are some of the best breathing exercises for smokers. Do you know that smoking can literally knock off days from your life? Check out how many days you lost due to smoking.

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Story first published: Friday, March 8, 2013, 3:44 [IST]
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