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18 Best Exercises To Increase Your Height
Growing tall after the normal age of 18 is close to impossible. However, it does not mean that it is impossible! Your height and the process of growing taller is influenced by several factors such as environment, hormones, genes, and nutrition. ...
8 Effective Brain Exercises To Improve Your Memory
The human brain is the most complex organ, the command centre of the human nervous system. Being the central organ, the brain controls most of the bodily activities and help the process, integrate and coordinate information. With time and age, the ...
Brain Exercises To Improve Memory
5 In-Car Exercises To Burn Belly Fat
As suggested by various studies, an average man spends 100 to 120 minutes a day in the car - be it driving or simply stuck in traffic. This constitutes the fact that a person spends so much time in their car ...
Mallet Finger: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment
A mallet finger is commonly considered to be an athletic injury and is also termed as hammer finger. It occurs when the outermost joint of the finger gets injured. The injury makes it impossible to extend or move the fingertips without ...
Mallet Finger Symptoms Causes Treatment Exercises
Best 15-minutes Workout Regime You Can Follow Anywhere
And, no, you don't need an expensive gym membership for that. Nor do you need to spend hours, sweating it out. All you need to do is invest 15 minutes each day, from your regular, busy schedule, to gift yourself an ...
Best 15 Minutes Workout Regime You Can Follow Anywhere
Can Stretching Help You To Lose Weight?
Stretching is a form of exercise that involves controlled movement of various muscles in your body. It is usually performed as a warm-up activity, prior to other strenuous forms of exercises such as aerobics and strength training. Stretching is also considered ...
9 Common Workout Mistakes To Avoid
If you are someone who is determined to get healthier and fitter, then you would be doing all the things required to attain this goal, such as eating healthy and working out, right? As we know, exercising is one of the ...
Common Workout Mistakes To Avoid
10 Simple Home Remedies For Neck Pain
Are you most often suffering from neck pain? Neck pain can be caused by an injury, or a poor posture that results in sharp or dull ache in the neck and shoulder. The neck, also referred as the cervical spine is ...
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