The Calories That We Don't Count!

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When we are on a diet, we count intake of calories constantly. Noodles 200, salad 50 and pastry, we don't even want to get there. However, there are certain calories that we forget to consider. These are the things that we eat or drink out of habit. Your meals are not the only aspect of your diet. The biggest diet mistake we make is that we only alter our meals, but do not change our lifestyle accordingly. This is one of the prime reasons for not losing weight in spite of dieting.

If you are failing to lose weight despite repeated efforts then check out if you have forgotten to count these calories that you consume.

Calories That We Don't Count:

Just Another Cup Of Coffee: We drink coffee and tea out of habit. This is especially true when we are in office and trying to get some work done. Your morning cup of coffee or the numerous cups of tea you devour during the day does not count in your diet. You would be shocked to know that a single cup of coffee with sugar and milk has at least 100 calories in it. You could have eaten a piece of chocolate to compensate for it.

Cheers To That: Alcohol is not food according to you. But, who says you have to eat only 'food' to become fat? Your weekend parties might be a cause for your weight gain. You must surely be aware that Vodka is one of the most fattening alcoholic drinks. Even if you skin it, a pint of beer will make your 60 minutes of workout worthless.

Fruits Are Healthy: Well yes, but they also have a lot of calories. If you are trying to justify your fetish for mangoes by stating its health benefits, then you can kiss your weight loss dreams good bye. Some fruits like mangoes, grapes etc. are really fattening. If you want to be slim, you have to avoid them.

Its A Diet Soda After All: So I am going to gulp down a dozen in 2 days! Sometimes we become really irrational when we are on diet. Diet sodas and artificial diet sweeteners have lesser calories for sure but doesn't mean you can binge on them. If you are going to have 4 diet sodas instead of one normal soda, then you will surely count extra calories on it. It is one of the stupidest diet mistakes.

Switch On The AC: The air conditioner is one of biggest reason for putting on weight. Your body has an equilibrium temperature. If it is too hot it will release energy and cool down, and if it is cold it will burn calories to heat up. But if you are constantly at 24 degree Celsius then your body will become lazy, just like you. You forget to count the calories that were to be lost in a very natural way.

Just avoiding conventionally unhealthy snacks will not help you get in shape. You will have to learn to count calories in a smarter way.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 21, 2012, 14:46 [IST]
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