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Top 10 Cucumber Recipes For Summers


Cucumber is one of the water-rich vegetables which is included in the summer diet. The green juicy vegetable has a lot of health benefits and tastes delicious too. From having it as a salad to adding it in a side dish, there are many ways to include cucumber in your summer diet. In this article, Boldsky shares with you various tasty recipes you can make with cucumber.

Cucumber is healthy and is a must have during summers. It is rich in water which helps you stay hydrated. Moreover, cucumber aids digestion, regulates bowel movements and reduces body heat as well.

There are many recipes that can be prepared using cucumber as the chief ingredient. Yes, apart from having it raw as salad, you can also have cucumber as a dish. Cucumber is rich in water and is very less in calories. That is why dieters have cucumber regularly in the form of salads or raitas.

Cucumber fights dehydration, cleanses the body and promotes digestion. Cucumber is very healthy and nutritious. It is filled with water which is not only good for the body but also for the skin. Cucumber also reduces mouth odour and fights cancer. Moreover, it doesn't cost much and is easily available in the market.


To enjoy the seasonal crunchy and juicy vegetable to the fullest, here are some of the best cucumber recipes that you can prepare at home. Take a look...

Top 10 Cucumber Recipes For Summers


Chilled Cucumber Soup

During summers, you can prepare some chilled and delicious soups using ingredients like cucumber and boiled vegetables like potato and carrots. It is a tasty low calorie weight loss soup which is perfect for dieters.


Tomato and Cucumber Salad

Cucumber is widely used in salads. The crunchy vegetable can be mixed with tangy tomatoes and sauteed with spices to prepare a tasty salad.


Kheera Ka Chaat

This is a tasty and tangy Indian side dish which is served with rice as well as roti. Grated cucumber is mixed with lemon and spices like red chilli powder and salt.


Cucumber Gojju

Cucumbers can be chopped and added to tasty gojjus (Karnataka recipe) which is served with hot khara pongal in South India.


Grilled Salmon With Cucumber Raita

Salmon has a very high nutrient profile, including omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fats helps in reducing inflammation in our bodies, including heart disease, diabetes, different types of cancers and arthritis. Adding the crunchy cucumbers will make the side dish taste all the more delicious.


Cucumber Chicken Recipe

Adding cucumber in this chicken recipe brings a unique flavour to the dish. This is also an excellent recipe for kids since this chicken recipe is not very spicy and tastes extremely delicious. This unique dish goes very well with steamed rice and chapatis.


Cucumber Salad

Cucumber salad is a healthy and filling dish that can be consumed as a side dish or as a main course meal. Add tomato, lemon, onion and chaat masala to treat your taste buds.


Cucumber and Cheese Sandwich

Vegetable sandwiches can be prepared using cucumber as the chief ingredient. You can also add sliced onion, tomato and cheese for a filling and tasty breakfast.

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Cucumber Chana Dal

Cucumber chana dal is a simple and healthy recipe. The Bengal gram is a nutritious lentil and when combined with cucumber, it tastes heavenly. The combination though sounds a bit strange. But the dish is filled with a unique flavour of cucumber which makes it simply hard to resist.


Cucumber Raita

Cucumber raita is a delicious recipe that has a blend of sour yogurt and crunchy cucumber pieces. Mix this raita with spices like cumin seeds, red chilli powder and onions to make it the perfect side dish.

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